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Recent posts by bahtiyor ahmedov

Hi all,

I need your advices on design.
Problem is designing "core engine" for media player. And what type of patterns need to be used.
Core Engine's functionalities are: play, pause, stop, chapter change, title change, and so on.
When core engine receives any user operation it must decide from where to where play that movie.
In general, core engine gives playlist to presentation engine which have decoders.

I have two questions about:
1. How to catch flash video (flv) streams in web sites with Java Tools ?
2. How flash video works in web page ?

10 years ago
And in my question i asked for real road map, not only banal answers.
11 years ago

Sandeep Awasthi wrote:
Just a suggestion, we have meaningless drive for kidding. These are serious discussions. As a professionals we should be careful, because these discussions will be read / referred later by others and topic starter is seriously asking advice.

Thanks a lot to Sandeep Awasthi, for understanding me serious.
11 years ago

Jothi Shankar Kumar wrote:Just mention in your resume that you are a Software Architect and you are a Software Architect.

good idea
11 years ago
Hello to all,
I have started work as a Java Developer for 1 month ago.

Please advice me,
how to become Software Architect ?
11 years ago
I have a threads synchronization problem but how to solve this problem i don't know.
Concrete problem is >>> server sends response before clientthread catches readObject()
and clientthread waits this response...

Please see my code:

And here is my ServerThread:
I have found IBM 's whitepaper for "how must be simple client/server chat application".
Problem is: how must be architecture of more complex chat application with PROTOCOL like:
(-r <nick> <name> <pwd> // register new user)
(-s <nick> <pwd> // signin user)
(-q //quit from chat)
and others.
For example, I have code
ChatClient - start client
ClientThread - din/dout
ChatServer - start server
ServerThread - din/dout for every chat client

Thanks a lot to Rob !!!
I have found in C/C++ _kbhit() function for this purpose and getc() also.
11 years ago
Dear Java professionals! advice me please

>>>problem with console chat application.

is there any way of handling user keypress in console (is user typing any message or not!!!) ?
i have tried :
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(
new InputStreamReader(;
a) int i =;
b) if (br.ready())
c) DataInputStream dis = .....
if (dis.available() == 0)

this methods require of ENTER (CR) key press.
but by these methods i cannot get, Is user typing or not !

11 years ago