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Recent posts by Kadle Rajesh

Thanks for the quick response.

If I understand correctly, SQLLite data on phone can be accessed by anyone who has access to the device. I am looking at guarding scenarios where the mobile is lost. In these cases also access tokens shouldnt be viewable to others. If we have encryption, we will be safe that the data doesnt make sense to others.

I will check the link on list view related link.

13 years ago
W. Frank Ableson/Robi Sen/Chris King,

Can you please let us know what you expect in the following section of the book.

Chapter 6 Networking and web services - Web services

It would be great if you can through some light on connecting to REST based web services from native apps.

13 years ago
Congrats to W. Frank Ableson, Robi Sen, and Chris King on your new book.

I have the following questions on the Android app back end design. It will be great if you can share your views.

- What is the best way to encrypt the data we store in an Android application. For instance as part of the application, we may have to save OAUTH based access tokens of third party sites (Google, Twitter etc.). Can encryption be used with SQLLite, if yes, can you please suggest the open source tools for the same.
- I am developing a simple application, where in I have to run multiple async tasks to communicate with the server. During the asynchronous task executions, I am running into some threading issues. What are the design guide lines for developing Async tasks. Also should I be using services instead of tasks?
- From what I have read, Android doesnt provide filters for ListView. Are there any design guidelines for optimal filtering?
- What special care should be taken for form fields on orientation changes (Landscape to Portrait, vice versa)

13 years ago
I think, Hibernate In Action book will be very very good to start with.
I think we can use "index" attribute in column mapping like below, to create index:

This will be created when we run hbm2ddl tool.
In your case, you need to declare "outer-join=true" on the collections and also set "hibernate.max_fetch_depth" to retrieve the collections.

If collections are declared lazy, we can use the below command to initialize the collections before closing session:

I dont think any exception will be thrown.

But as we are declaring the cache read-only, the object in cache will NEVER be invalidated.

Welcome other views....
I started with Hibernate in Action book. I think this is best

This issue is not due to circular dependency, but due to the fact that Ant is trying to create Customer class, which needs a reference to Job class. Since Job class is not yet created we have this error.

I would suggest, you change the order so that, Job class (without any depenency) gets generated first and then Customer class (with dependency on Job) gets generated next.

This way we should be able to generate the Java code.

You can run before you walk
Hibernate by default looks for "hibernate.cfg.xml" file in the class path of the application. So make sure you have that file in your class path.

If hibernate finds hibernate configuration properties file and xml files, xml file settings will override the properties file.

So please make sure you have the .xml file in your class path.

In your code you have specified "conf/hibernate.cfg.xml", if you dont have the "conf" directory, just try with "hibernate.cfg.xml".
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