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Recent posts by raghavendra pola

We are a small team within company and we don't have access to proprietary tools . We can only work on free tools or build our own tools to test the product.
7 years ago
Thanks Wouter for your reply.
Presently we have a plan to do stress test through the interface itself due to time constraints
7 years ago
Hi ,
i have developed a database from scratch with XML. I have a windows forms app that has 2 fields and a button , and if user clicks that button an activity takes place that involves fetching data from database.
Now , i want to check how my database functions under heavy load , and for this i want to automate my windows forms app so that it runs overnight , by passing random text at predefined intervals of time to text fields and automatically clicks the button.
I came across a tool called Auto IT and am checking how it may help me.

Anybody has any other suggestions?
7 years ago
Hi guys ,
I have following page to display the printer friendly page of a current page using javascript

the following is the javascript

The problem is that after displaying the printer frriendly page , the focus is shifting back to main window from print friendly window.

So when window.print happens , it is printing the main window instead of printing the printer friendly window.

Can somebody please help me with this .
HI Eric, The following was the HTML code
Just a sample page i created to test the Javascript

HI , i am using this javascipt to create a printer friendly view of a html page

I put this is in the Scripts folder and named it "test.js"

Now, i am using this sample HTML page to test it

When i Run this page in IE , i get the error " object expected at line 0"

Can anyone help me with this
Hi ,
I need to write a javascript which downloads the version of my application based on OS . Like redirect users to different pages based on whether their OS is 32 bit or 64 Bit.

Can anybody help me with tht.

am doing my bachelors degree and preparing for MCTS exam in web programming ,but since i am presently doing my bachelors only,i do not have any formal experience in web programming

but microsoft in MCTS home page says i need atleast 2-3 yrs experience .
<><auidence profile>

please clarify if this experience is mandatory for taking the exam


But the certificate alone will boost your bargaining power for salary is something that could be debated.

certification will always give us oppurtunity to demand more pay from our employers.
the site says that on an average, certified pros have salaries 25% premium over others.
so marcus , do you want to say that by making java open -source, java will always be in demand.
i am an scjp5.0 and am planning to take SCWCD
I am doing bachelors degree in engineering and my main aim of taking is that i may get a decent employment after my bachelor's.
But my tutor advised me not to take web component developer and advised me to shift to Microsoft's . NET framework as he believed JAVA
will not have any major development in near future, and in future there will be a lot of demand for .NET. and marketplace for JAVA programmers has become saturated.

This comments by my mentor has put me in a dilemma on whether to take web component developer exam or not.
my fellow JAVA programmers, do you really believe so.
please help me.