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since Jan 19, 2007
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HI Marcus you got to the heart of my query. you know there comes so much change in IT world in so less a time that it is very difficult to choose which way to go.The reason i put up my query was my belief that it was always good to be expert in a chosen field of language ,(which should be lucrative,after all we learn everything for money) than to be jack of all languages.
I am doing bachelors in software engineering and I wanted to know what would be salary range of a SCWCD with zero years experience(i want to write SCWCD because it may fetch me a handsome money in job!)
please reply Marcus.

HI marcus
i am from australia, and have taken scjp and passed it with 93%.
i am studying java EE now with an aim of taking my further certifications.
but with burst of .NET into the scene and MICROSOFT'S recent revamping of its cert program,my many fellow programmers believe java may be facing stiff competition from .NET.
so, marcus do you believe
1. java and .NET will both coexist in future and
2. .NET will not eat into java's software market
actually , i was expecting a reply from bert bates on this , because (believe me) there are many fellow programmers like me who are very much in dilemma .