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Recent posts by Mike Isano

Recursion will cause a stack overflow if it goes too deep before a base case is reached. It may be elegant, but it's not always an option.

Don't bother with the exam. Most employers are using Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. Just download the free versions of each, and start playing. Learn about database design as well as how to make backups, etc.

6 years ago

Out of curiosity.... why do you want to quit?

7 years ago

Lee Kian Giap wrote:
he can tell you Java is easy "only Create, Read, Update, Delete".

For CRUD applications that statement is correct.

7 years ago

There are different classes of "bad". There is mild stuff like doing it in a non-standard way, but functionally works fine. Then there is stuff that has a direct negative impact. And everything in between. If you are compiling with an older java compiler the wrong way is sometimes the only way. (kiss generics good bye)

For your own code, do it the right way. If he is making you change your code make him justify it. If you are trying to change him, save it for things having a real negative impact.
7 years ago
VB.net is just as close to java as C#. VB.net is also practically a carbon copy of C#. They are the same "kind" of language and differ only in syntax and a few quirks. The main difference being you can't use unsafe code in VB.net.

But to answer the question, C# skills tend to pay more. C# skills are the SAME as vb.net skills so milk it for all it's worth. VB.net suffers from the "VB" perception of being a junk language for working with Microsoft office. C# has the letter "C" in it's name so people have the perception that is is cool and fast like C.

7 years ago
In the database section it lists [Thinks that Excel is a database] as the naive beginner thought.

The irony is excel IS a database. Hell you can even join and union tables "sheets" with SQL queries. It is possible to make it the backend of a system.

Of course it is not a DBMS and would be one of the worst possible options for a backend, but it certainly is a database.
7 years ago

With web apps your code runs server side and anyone with a browser can use your software. Write-once run anywhere is irrelevant in the web app world.

The "run anywhere" ability is only useful on client side apps. Ironically java is rarely used on the client.

I foresee Java maintaining it's status quo as a server side language, while not utilizing it's "run anywhere" ability to any useful purpose.
7 years ago

I've never seen the client get the source on a project I worked on.

You don't get the source for windows.

You don't get exclusive rights to the blue prints when you contract someone to build a house.

7 years ago

Kumar Manish wrote:

Mike Isano wrote:Eclipse has got to be one of worst IDE's out there. But it was the best java had early on and free so it made a foothold.

care to give reasons or was that a rhetoric ?

Eclipse will spread out the same configuration in separate branches of the menu. If you want to change your colors and fonts you have to configure it in 3 different menu paths for the same code editor window.

Lets say you're set up to use java 1.4 and want to use java 5. You have to configure in several locations, all in different branches of the menu. Then you have to set your JSP engine separately again with an xml file. But don't forget you have to go online to find the arcane string that represents Java 5. (the string is "15").

Eclipse itself is poorly thought out as if 1000 different people were working on it. It is not intuitive to use. It's built as a general purpose framework. The problem with going too general is you start to lose all form as you become more and more general.

Now days I use Visual Studio for everything.
7 years ago
Eclipse has got to be one of worst IDE's out there. But it was the best java had early on and free so it made a foothold.
7 years ago

It would only be a plus in my eyes. Why is everyone so afraid of what tool/platform to use?
7 years ago