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Thanks for your response Ben!

I believe you can set a cookie for a particular domain in ASP:

Response.Kookies("UID").Domain = ""

Of course, this didn't seem to be working for me.
(ie. wasn't writing the cookie at all to the client)

However assuming it *did* work - I'm hoping that perhaps using Javascript running on "" would be able to do this.

If anybody has any other suggestions, thoughts or experience doing this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Otherwise I'll mosey on over to the very sketchy land of ASP and try posting this question over there.

14 years ago

I am looking for a good method to retrieve a cookie from the client machine.

I'm attempting to do an auto-sign on into a Java web application using the following method(This is all done on a Windows machine with IE):

1. Java web application redirects to an ASP page (running on a different web server).
2. The ASP page gets the Windows Log On credentials from the server and writes the username to a cookie on the client machine (this cookie will expire in 10 seconds)
3. The ASP redirects back to the Java web application.
This is the part that I'm having trouble...
4. The Java application reads the cookie to access the username.

... (other stuff is done w/ the user name)...

From this post:

I see that:

Java is running on the server, and can not access the client file system to read the cookies.
You can not access all the saved cookies on someones system via JSP/Java.

Ok - so if JSP/Java can't access the client's cookies - is there another method that can? Javascript perhaps?

How can I get the information from the cookie written by an ASP page (running on a different server) into my Java app?

I'm stumped.

All responses to this post are very much appreciated and I thank you in advance.

Richard Parker
14 years ago
Hi Mary,

I live in Madison and have a great job as a Java developer (sorry

However if you're looking for Java people, you might want to try contacting the Computer Science Department at the UW Eau Claire (

New graduates have all the requirements you're looking for. Most of their curriculum centers on Java and relational databases. My company hired 3 of them in a row - we were so pleased with their level of Java expertise!

Good Luck!
15 years ago
Congrats Wiyanto!

I passed the same day you did - but not with such a fabulous score!

I was also annoyed at the drag and drop issue. I saw that it would reset my stuff and thought to my self "Ok then - I guess I'll just leave that one and hope I did it correctly the first time." How dumb. I don't think the Enthuware simulator product did that. Obviously the Prometric guys aren't to good at programming.

15 years ago

I just went to the Enthuware site:
and downloaded the product. I think it cost me $25 US dollars.

15 years ago

I passed the SCJP 5 today with a 76%.
Here are the steps I took - I hope you Ranchers find it useful.

Start: December 1, 2006

1. Study the K&B book:
Studied 1-2 hours every weekday morning at my favorite coffee shop.
(the coffee shop gig helped a lot with motivation - it became my routine.)
Studied about 8 hours total on weekends.
- Took notes.
- Made "flash cards".
- Experimented with most of the code examples in the book.
- Made LOTS of drawings - tried to illustrate ideas.

I hoped I would do a chapter a week, but it didn't turn out that way. It was more like a chapter every 1.5-2 weeks.

2. Turn to Java Ranch for information, answers to my questions and general motivation. I REALLY liked the articles about the cups and "getting to know your inner class" on Java Ranch. The cups one helped me immensely - illustrating a fundamental idea.

3. After I finished the K&B book (its probably the biggest book I've ever read!) I did the practice test that came with the book - failed it with 51%.

4. Purchased the Enthuware software.
(In retrospect I should have purchased this a whole lot earlier, while I was still reading the K&B book)
This has some great questions and the exam format was good to practice. I took 3 of these practice tests. Failed the first, passed the second, failed the third. Reviewed all the questions I got wrong. Enthuware has great question explanations.

5. 3 days before the exam - went through the check lists in the K&B book.
(In retrospect I should have been going over these everyday before I began my normal study routine)

6. 1 hour before the test - stopped all liquid intake and took a brisk walk.

I also went over my flash cards at night every now and again during my studies, just when I felt like it.

Exam Passed: April 25, 2007

It was difficult to know what to concentrate my energy on. There's alot of information to retain. Memorization is not my strong point. Going over things again and again - coming up with songs and sayings is entertaining and helps quite a bit.

What did I get out of it besides a nice lapel pin (we do get a lapel pin... right?) and a piece of paper? I think I got a deeper understanding of the language. I'm a professional Java Developer (5 years now) and before I began studying, I definitely took the language for granted. Now I have more confidence and a better understanding in what I do - this means I'll write better code, right?

I wish my score was a little higher - but I kinda got sick of studying.

Thanks Java Ranch for your support!
Thanks Bert and Kathy for your awesome book!
Thanks Enthuware for your great product!

[ April 25, 2007: Message edited by: Richard Parker ]
15 years ago

Your post was really helpful to me.

I take the SCJP exam in 4 days and have taken 3 Enthuware practice exams so far. The first I got a 51%, second I got a 57% and the third I got a 63%. I'm going through the questions I got wrong and understanding why I got them wrong.

Your post upped my confidence a bit.
Thank you and congratulations on passing the exam - its difficult to be so dedicated to studying.

15 years ago
I didn't have any trouble with the practice exam application... I could go back to my marked questions by going to main.

I was, however, also wondering about the drag and drop questions. I was disappointed that there were none.


It looks like your join() question and Anna's static method question some how became merged.

I've been conversing with Anna about her question, but it looks like my last post actually replied to your join() question, even though I replied to Anna!

Hmmmm... I suspect a glitch in the Matrix.

15 years ago
Hi Anna,

I'm glad that helped - yes, invoking static methods with instance variables can get confusing - especially if you don't know (or forget) that method is static! yikes!

Correct me if I'm wrong - but I'm pretty sure the static method that matches the *reference* type's class will be invoked, rather than the actual object that reference is pointing to.

SuperClass ref = new SubClass();
ref.staticMethod(); -------------> invokes SuperClass.staticMethod();

SubClass ref = new SubClass();
ref.staticMethod(); -------------> invokes SubClass.staticMethod();

Generics Rock!

I just started using them at work, and they make things so much easier!


Does anyone happen to have a list of the checked exceptions that will be on the exam?

The K&B book supplies a general list of unchecked exceptions (p370), but I think it would be really useful to have a list of the checked exceptions as well.

Well what do you know - the author of Stripernate answered my post!
Sorry my reply to this comes so late...

Yes, my company is using Stripes with Stripernate and Hibernate. I've learned quite a bit from my first post and I must say - my coworkers and I really like Stripernate. For some reason we were having issues getting Hibernate to work properly - it was confusing, but with Stripernate it was really easy.

The only "snafoo" we were having is trying to get a table mapping from a foreign key in one table to a foreign key in another table. Nothing we tried seemed to work, so we just did a straight up query - problem solved. (but I think that's more of a Hibernate thing).

One thing we could have really used though, is more examples. We were all new to Stripes/Stripernate and Hibernate - so for the first few weeks it was all a matter of trial and error.

Another fuzzy area was trying to figure out what was a Hibernate thing and what was a Stripernate thing. I'm still not totally clear on all that - but hey, my application is about to enter "beta" phase and it works like a charm!


P.S. If you need any help or testing done for future versions or products - I would be more that happy to lend a hand if you need it.
Ha! I should have known.
15 years ago