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I would like to share my humble opinions about scwcd 5 preparation and exam.

Head First 2nd edition:

+ very exam relevant
+ good for beginners
+ easy to understand
+ a lot of explanations
+ funny

- too long, too heavy
- one short "read before exam" summary is missing
- too much explanations if you know the subject
- final test is lousy job, must see errata or you will be confused with wrong answers

Enthuware exam simulator:

+ some questions seemed to be very similar to the real thing
+ if you pass all 8 tests you will very probably pass exam

- some questions seemed to be out of scope
- some explanations refer to older specifications


-> 90% questions seemed to be easy, 10% difficult or unclear
-> memorizing API seemed to be more important than problem solving
-> a lot of time, it can be done in 55 minutes
-> one very specific question which was not mentioned in HF nor Enthuware
-> one question which I am sure all answers were wrong (unless there is a getAttribute(String) method which returns List instead of Object)
-> good answers could be often found by eliminating wrong answers

hope this helps...

there is no such directive...and the attribute name is wrong as well...

it should have been like this:

Field name MyField has nothing to do with a property name of Javabean. It could have been something completely different like this:

And even then the name of the property would be myField, because it is derived from getter method.

So basically the only change needed here is this:

("MyField" changed to "myField")
Hello Javid and Peter

We have been using java service wrapper for running JBoss AS as windows service in production environment.

However there is another way using JBoss Native (

I would like to ask, which approach would you recommend for production environment, advantages, disadvantages, best practices.

Thank you.
15 years ago
I have 1 year Java SE university experience and almost 3 years J2EE experience developing applications for financial sector.
As I started with programming when I was 8 years old, I consider my self suitable for "senior" position.

My strong points are reliability and willingness to learn, my weakness is that my web application development skills are somehow obsolete,
because I have been using Swing for too long.

I am fluent in English and I know basics of German language.

Concerning my future job I would like to work on new long term projects using EJB 3 standard.

Relocation is possible, but my preferred job location is EU, especially central Europe.

In case of interest, please, send me a private message, because I am not going to put my email on public forum.
16 years ago
Hello Dmitry

I was excited about running HQL queries directly from Idea.
I tried it out but when I run query which returns entity, like for example
, the only apparent result I get is only toString() of User object in console output which does not help much because I do not override toString() to show all properties...
Similar output happens when I select more fields at once, like for example .

In eclipse + hibernate tools plugin when I select entities or whatever using "new" hql keyword, then I can click on result and in different window I can see all properties of result object.

Am I doing something wrong or it is not possible in Idea?

it will do nothing...

but if you want to uncomment

then you must use proper static import


There is no need to check if two objects are equal if they have different hashcode, because hashcode contract says that there MUST NOT be 2 objects which are equal when compared by equals method and have different hashcode...

But when looking at your code example it seems to me, that this combination of equals and hashcode methods does not fullfil this contract.

consider this for example:
"aa" "abbb" "ccc"
"aaa" "bbb" "ccc"

equals? yes, same hashcode? no

...please correct me if I am wrong...