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I have a site hosted at RimuHosting (see www.rimuhosting.com) and I have no problems at all. The technical back up is excellent and I would happily reccomend them. Thing is for $10/month I don't think you will find a stable hosting setup...

My site is an International Digital Photography Gallery and we have thumbnail images in a database and the bandwidth I get is very good and the pages load very well. The server setup is a Linux virtual server which means I can play with the Tomcat and MySql set up as I please(VERY important for me). I have had 0 downtime since I started with them (fingers crossed).

To find this company I did a search on Google for JSP hosting and then once I had shortlisted the companies I was interested in I did a Google search for the company name + 'problem'. As you can imaging they all had people in forums complaining... except Rimu.

I suggest you use the same search technique.

Hope this helps (I do not work for them),

[ February 28, 2005: Message edited by: Terence Doyle ]
19 years ago

For an ecommerce site, you may want to write the cart to the database when they click on the "Checkout" button and THEN redirect them to the secure checkout section with a querystring variable to identify the cart in the database. Or something like that.

Yes. It's an e-commerce site. I'm not actually writing the cart to DB until the fill in all the data. This then "creates" an order in the DB. As i know cart abandonment is all too frequent I didn't want to be inserting orders unless I had it confirmed... I'll have to think about that one.

Thanks for the suggestions and the prompt response

19 years ago

If you are relying on the JSPSessionId to manage your cart (or whatever it is you're doing), you probably want to avoid bouncing between secure and insecure modes as you can't carry the session from one to another.
Also, a lot of browers are set to generate popups letting the user know that they are moving from a secure to an inscure site, and vic-versa. This can annoy your end users.

Absolutely. I agree. But I can't ask them to input sensitive data on an insecure page, right?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

19 years ago
Hi all,

I want to be sure that certain pages are launched using https.
A view cart page for example.
On that page I want to maintain the menu to jump to others pages on the site.
The menu is an include and uses relative URL's.

I tried placing code at the top of those non-secure pages to check the scheme (http OR https) and use a sendredirect to the http absolute url but i get an error that says

"redirect limit exceeded for this page"..

Any ideas??

Ideally I'd like 2 small include jsp's that could ensure either https or http. That way when I write a page I can define it's security level.

Note: This is for an image gallery so https is not really suitable for the "normal" pages as it slows down the image loading.
Check out the site to see what I mean:
PrintFlash International Digital Photo Gallery

Thanks in advance for your help.
19 years ago
Hi all,

I'm working on a skinned application and we are using a lot of curved shapes for tabs etc. The graphics people have come up with a pop up modal dialog with a single tab on it :-0

I've been at this for a couple of days but I can't see how I can have the dialog really transparent as I just see Graphics rubbish painted there.

I was wondering if maybe making our own RepaintManager or something would help??

Thanks in advance,
19 years ago

With most complex java components if you want a tool tip you need to overwrite the getToolTipText( MouseEvent e ) method and then register the component with the ToolTipManager


Hope that helps,
19 years ago

Look at all the constructors of JTable in the API. You'll see there's one that takes a Vector of Vectors as data - which it automatically puts into the data model and another as columnn headers.

You only need to handle your own Table model if you plan to update and transform data to presentable results in realtime over an existing JTable - which is in fact easy by subclassing DefaultTable model etc. Try just using the default table model and updating the data as needed with "yourTable".getModel().setValueAt()....

Hope this helps,
[ September 06, 2004: Message edited by: Terence Doyle ]
19 years ago
Hi Bert,

I think the main thing holding back J2ME is the variety of platforms and the current necessity to use native solutions for some parts of apps - RMS, multimedia, etc.

The day we have several popular mobile devices implementng the specs ( wonderful specs!!) that we studied for the SCMAD is the day J2ME does a vertical take off :-)

I'm waiting anxiously for that day 'cos I really like the mobile arena for programming. I just haven't seen the chance to move in commercially yet.
[ June 13, 2004: Message edited by: Terence Doyle ]

The logo I was given access to for the SCMAD seems to be a generic one
It doesn't have J2ME etched into it. Pity.

I liked putting logos on my CV ( SCJP and SCWCD ) to try to stand out from the crowd. Now if I don't use my old logos I'd have to put the same logo 3 times - which would most probably lessen my chances of an interview
if you open a connection in client mode you can only recieve messages and ONLY from the number specified in the address you used to open the connection. the port number you send on will be determined by the implementation on the device - probably following a reccomended port in the SMS specs ( correct me if I'm wrong here anybody !!)

Opps!! That should read
... the port number you RECIEVE on ......
Sorry for confusing you further ..
If you open a client connection you don't even have to worry about the port number used on your device. That's what I was trying to say.
Guess I should read my own posts a bit better

Sorry again. I hope this clears this mess up.
Using SMS as an example:
if you open a connection in client mode you can only recieve messages and ONLY from the number specified in the address you used to open the connection. the port number you send on will be determined by the implementation on the device - probably following a reccomended port in the SMS specs ( correct me if I'm wrong here anybody !!)
If you specify an url like "sms:// :2522" this is in server mode and you can send messages on that port and recieve messages sent to your device's phone number and that port. I think thats the bit that the specs aren't clear on. ( again correct me if I'm wrong here anybody !!)
Hope that helps,
[ February 23, 2004: Message edited by: Terence Doyle ]
Having just sat the exam with just 2 weeks to prepare all I can say to anyone who hasn't taken the exam yet is
Go for it!!

Do we need to know all the error codes 9XX ?

The Connection questions were very thorough and asked specifically about handling connection opening conditions to a reasonable level of detail.
Don't think I can say any more than that.
Just back from the exam. I completed it in 3 hours and used only 15 minutes going over questions I marked. This is because I didn't want to be second-guessing myself. I mostly left my first answer. The exam is very long and it's hard to concentrate after 2 hours or so.
Overall it was what I expected from reading the various experiences reflected in other posts about experience. The drag and drop questions are a nice change from just reading code & selecting answers but they are very difficult because it's like asking you to select 6 correct answers from 60 as there are so many permutations possible

Important topics
Canvas/GameCanvas - lots of q's
GUI classes - know your class hierarchies
Connection Framework - be familiar with all the rules/classes for connections for ALL the different sections
JAD filt/Manifest - you should pick up some easy points is you study the attributes of these files
App lifecycle/ AMS etc - very important and was included in some not so obvious questions

Best of luck to all those who have still to do the exam.