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Recent posts by Preeti Arora

Thank you for the reply.
Actually I needed html:link tag in servlet since each user name will be a hyperlink which will lead to userdetails screen.Also there is module switching too so using module parameter of html:link I could have done that easily.
So I cannot have struts tags in AJAX response.
I will figure out some other way now.

Thanks again for replies.

I have a search screen which lists User names on searching for a group.
It is made in Struts.
For search operation I have used AJAX and on hitting search button a servlet call is made which returns a html table with search results on screen.
My problem is if in servlet I use struts tag like <html:link> along with html, it doesnot show up on the screen.It just shows plain text.
What do I need to do so that when results are returned using AJAX, it recognise struts tags?

Thank you.

Good one!
My 4 yr old also getting witty day by day.
I asked him to pray to God for lot of happiness everyday and I do the same.
He turned and asked me Mommy are you Happy Now?
Once I asked him whether you want a new baby or a dog in the house?
He replied Dog .I asked him why not baby.He replied because dog will bite the baby!
Kids have cool sense of humor!
13 years ago
I am a 1099 employee ...currently on H-1.
The rate between company A and company B is fixed with x$/hr.
I dont know of any contract they have signed in between themselves.
My project gets extended every 6 months.
13 years ago
Thank you for reply.
I am not aware of exact contract details but my feeling is the contract is 2yrs long.Will it be possible to leave company B (current company)in this case and join company A?I have not completed 2 yrs yet.I like working for this company thats why I was thinking to get the raise from one which is dealing with direct client.
I appreciate any advice.
[ February 27, 2008: Message edited by: Preeti Arora ]
13 years ago

I am looking for suggestions from fellow ranchers.
I am working as a consultant and there are two layers of contact from the client.
Suppose Company A deals directly with client and I am the employee of company B.Both companies keeps their share in the pay rate.I need a raise.Most of the share is taken by company A.
Will it be good idea to apporach company A directly to increase my pay rate and how should I ask for it?

Thanks .
13 years ago
Thanks you so much for clearing my thoughts on this, though I realized I have lot to learn.
I will do more research to make a better design of the system.
I want to learn a step ahead from jsp,servlets etc.

Thanks again.
13 years ago

I have a question regarding desigining of the project.
Here is brief introduction of the requirements of the project:
We are storing person and his document images in database.
The person details are entered as soon as he comes in but his images takes time to be entered into the database(as ther are scanned and then stored in database).
So there is time lag .
Now we are bulding a notification module on top of it which will send an email to subscribed users as soon as there image is
added to the database so that they can go and view it online.
There is a batch file which will run every day and check whether for subscribed users, there images has been added to
database or not.This involves lot of database interaction.
I have designed the system in normal way (using jsp,servlets,jdbc)
but I want to know if web services will be useful in
such case.Will it provide better design to my system?
Will there be any benefit of using web services in this case?
Also I am looking for learning experience by using new technology in my project.

Please suggest.
13 years ago

I think 1yr experience is little less to come here in US.
I would suggest to work for some more time in India to get good exposure and then come in US.
13 years ago

We are facing strange problem with Jboss.
We have SSL installed on Jboss and do remote login on the server machine and start jboss console.
Everytime when we change the war file in deploy directory by copying pasting, Jboss server doesnot pick up the most recent file.
When we hit the website it shows the older files only.
How can we overcome this problem?

13 years ago

Well I can suggest more on IT related field.If I were you I would first prioritize what I need most.Money,fun or career?
IT Professionals are paid well and with financial security you can have more fun in life.You can travel easily being in IT.
For the rest of the things you have mentioned, I guess you dont have an idea how to make a career out of it...but you are already in IT for couple of yrs so you know what its like and do you enjoy it or not!
Also development and testing goes hand in hand so you can easily pick any one since you have taste of both.
Good luck in your career path!
13 years ago
Thank you so much for the reply.
It really helped.
Currently I have decided not to go for clustering.

Thanks again.
13 years ago

We are deploying first website on Jboss.The no of users of the website are between 800-900.But it wont be a busy site.(I guess number of users accessing same time are no more than 10.)
Hows the performance of JBOSS in this scenario without clustering?
Do I need to do clustering in Jboss?
Also if I do clustering will that affect my code too?
What needs to be changed in the code if at all I need clusetring.

13 years ago

Yes I looked my baby without any help being in US.
But if you have maid then rest all is management.Some tips that worked for me:

1.Keep everything handy before baby is delivered like clothes,diapers,wipes,bottles,bottles brush,bibs,pump,pacifiers,baby oil,comb,nail cutter,some musical toys,diaper cream,soap,formula etc etc.This way you dont have to go to market for each thing and your dependancy will be minimum.

2.Night time one feed you can give of formula so baby can sleep for little longer time.

2.Cereals like oatmeal are really handy and very healthy during this time for you.

3.Take out time for your relaxation and healing too, the best way is sleep when baby sleeps.

Just go with the flow and dont think much.It is the golden time of your life!

Best of luck.
13 years ago
Hi Tina,

I went through same situation and managed my baby on my own.
So from my personal experience I will say 3 months is minimum time till you can manage baby single handedly.Definitely you need good support from your husband since after delivery you wont be your 100%.The best thing is to get support from your family and friends in case he is busy.
I have managed my baby single handedly since my husband too was very busy at that time , but there are small small things with the baby which are unexpected being the first time parent and that make you exhausted.
So this is the time to get maximum support.
Good luck and enjoy your first child.
13 years ago