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Recent posts by Tales Tonini

Hi Ed, Hi Chris,

I'm starting a little web application (no big restrictions, requirements or performance concerns) and I'm prone to using JSF 2.0, much for learning it. One thing I'm considering too is using GWT or RichFaces or ICEFaces to create a rich interface. After reading this old-and-a-little-bit-biased blog about GWT x JSF from http://crazybob.org/2006/05/javaone-google-web-toolkit-vs-jsf.html, I'm quite puzzled about choosing the right tech to create the rich interface. The blog author -- which works at Google -- defends using only GWT RCP to invoke web services and nothing else. What do you think? I've seen something about integrating JSF with GWT to create a good combination. Could you share your views over this? Thanks in advance.

Tales Tonini (Looking forward to getting the JSF 2.0 book! )
10 years ago
Hi, folks!

While studing jGuru's RMI tutorial at 'Transport Layer' section, I got this statement which I still can't understand after having finished the tutorial:

"Some other changes with the Java 2 SDK are that RMI service interfaces are not required to extend from java.rmi.Remote and their service methods do not necessarily throw RemoteException."

Since I need a Remote object to bind with Naming class, how could I make some object remote without making it implement Remote? Is there another way to use RMI over JRMP and not implement Remote?

RMI begginer, I thank everyone's attention in advance,