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Recent posts by Mike Mc Afee

How are the code samples available that are contained in this book? I find that experimenting with the sample code is a great way to learn new techniques.

Are there progressive code samples where a concept is built up through-out the book or a lot of smaller examples?

How much time is OO concepts dealt with before jumping into the relationship with JS?
In your book, do you discuss tools that you recommend or simply processes to follow when refactoring HTML?
I don't know if anyone else has asked, but could you provide the TOC for this book?
12 years ago
I have not read any of the Head First books, but they come highly recommended in these parts.

If you are looking for an OO book for Java, then the book recommended above, Head First Java.

If you are looking for a book on design (as I see mentioned in your question too), I've been eyeing the book Head First Design Patterns
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13 years ago

Originally posted by Mike Smith:
When I get to Sun Download Manager Page, it asks for a file.What file?

Not knowing the message you are getting, I am assuming you are clicking on the yellow button that says "Download selected with Sun Download Manager" and it is giving the message "Sorry! You must check the box next to one or more files to download before starting Sun Download Manager".

This means that you need to go below the button and check a box next to the installation for your operating system (i.e. Windows, Linux, etc)

If this is not what you are encountering, please provide more detail.
13 years ago

Does anyone have any programs that they had to write for an Java interview in person, so I could do some more practice, before I look in books or make up my own?

I found this book to be helpful in interviewing for the job I have
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13 years ago

Originally posted by Riyad Kalla:

So if you are doing straight Java-only development and no UI work, straight Eclipse SDK will be all you need. Although if you are working with Swing forms or anything like that, you might take a look at our Matisse4MyEclipse product (that is free for Pro subscriptions).

[ August 01, 2007: Message edited by: Riyad Kalla ]

This pretty much covers what I am working on right now. It sounds like I am well covered.

I guess what I was hoping for was a way to search CVS a little more comprehensively. I have only been using Eclipse for about 7-8 months and have tried to find a way to search CVS for a check-in by someone specific on a specific date.

Thank you for the info.
The Feature Matrix is very informative on a high level. Could you compare the Version Control Management and Refactoring between MyEclipse and Eclipse?
Riyad Kalla,

I am currently an Eclipse user and am wondering what features MyEclipse offers that Eclipse does not.

Thank you.
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Here is what Sun has to say about it Java 2 Platform SE 5.0 API
13 years ago
Item 5 of Effective Java by Joshua Bloch mentions a good example of a "memory leak" in Java and a way to correct the problem.
13 years ago

Also, these three lines are giving the complier a fit:

Although no description of the kind of fit that the compiler was having is provided, I've taken a stab at what the problem is. In the future, the more description of the problem, the better.

getLeft and getRight appear to be returning type Node. Change left and right to type Node.

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13 years ago

Originally posted by Steven Alvarez:
For instance if I call MTH(5,1,3,2)

I'm not sure what you're asking, but to understand what's going on, a paper and pencil will help. You need to keep track of the stack, as the calls to MTH are made.


Initial call:
D=5, from=1 , to=3 , extra=2

Second call:
D= 4, from= 1, to=2 , extra=3


Do this until your conditional is false, then the stack will pop and the execution of MTH will continue.
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13 years ago

Originally posted by Derek Boring:

If you google "java multidimensional array" you'll find what you need.
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13 years ago
As Eduardo pointed out, once you get used to something, it's difficult to change. However, I would be careful to call vim or other text editors "simple". I've used vim and a couple other text editors that are used for code editing and they are extremely powerful, in the right hands.

I've also used Studio and have transitioned to a Java shop that uses Eclipse. I cannot speak for the other Java IDE's, but I have grown used to Eclipse. I find the refactoring feature of Eclipse to be very useful and do not recall a comparable feature in Studio.

You best bet would be to check the sites of the mentioned IDE's and compare features and feedback.
13 years ago