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Recent posts by Yang Li

I am a new grad with a few years php/web development experience. All my Java experience comes from my course projects, or following examples from a few books. Here is part of my current (related with java)

Java Developer

3+ years experience as a Java programmer, Web Developer, and IT Support. Solid academic training in Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design; hands-on experience in websites development, PHP/PERL/Java programing, and IT support. Experience in open source software (Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, etc) development.

Java Course Projects

Chat Room
" A Client/Server application that covers Java SE, Socket, threads, and Input/Output stream

Eclipse Plug-in
" A plug-in to receive, read, compose, send emails that support SMTP and POP protocols

Discussion Board
" Developed a basic discussion board with Servlet, JSP, and MySQL
" Applied recursion algorithm to implement collapsible tree view on threads

" Used Struts, Hibernate to develop a bookstore with back-end administration
" Mashed up with Web Services from Amazon, Google, and Commission Junction

Student Management System
" A RCP application (plug-in) built with Eclipse
" Used SWT/JFace

Any suggestion how to modify my resume in order to make it sound more professional? How to describe my Java course projects in a way that interviewers (usually senior java developer or lead) prefer?

Thank you
14 years ago
It used to cost 240 Canadian dollars, then 200 dollars. Today, I find that it costs 300 CAD now!

What's the hell?
Hi folks,

I really need some advice on how to implement features below:

A user clicks an icon (I will provide it), then clicks again in a drawing area, a shape represented by the icon will be there. If a user (right) clicks on the shape, a popup menu will come out with several options, like Add a solid line, convert it, etc. If a user selects "add a solid line", a solid line will be extened from the shape, with an active hot spot at the end. If clicking the hot spot, a user will get the same popup menu again. Users can drag the line to scale it.

If the user selects "convert it", the shape will become another equivalent shape.

15 years ago
I am trying to use Java to implement a feature that is very like to polygon lasso tool in any image processing software, like FireWords, PhotoShop.

Basically, when a user clicks the polygon lasso icon I provided, he is ready to start to draw a polygon lasso. When he clicks anywhere in a drawing area, a dot will show up there; clicks again, a new dot will apprear. There is a solid or arrow between two dots. The last dot must overlap the first dot and it represents the drawing is finished and a polygon will appear; all points are decided by my clicks.

There are several constraints:

1. A user can only click selected times, i.e.: he can only click 5 times. Clicks beyond 5 times will not be accepted (no dot appeared)

2. A user must click selected times, i.e.: he must click 5 times. If he just clicks twice and decides to terminate the drawing, all dots and connected lines will disappear

3. The last dot and the first dot must be overlapped. Please note: As long as two points are very close, say, 2 px, we still say they are overlapped.

4. If the last dot and the first dot does not overlapped, I may choose to accept or not accept the drawing. If I do not accept it, all dots and connected lines will disappear

Any suggestion and/or sample code?

Thank you for your time.
15 years ago