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Recent posts by Padma Priya

Hi all,

I am working on an application, which consumes SOAP webservices provided by a third party.

Now the third party is also releasing another WSDL which we need to consume.

When doing a comparison of the endpoint wsdl I found that there is only one difference between the two and that is the location. Rest of all is the same.

So should i recompile and generate the Stubs again.

Thank you!
7 years ago
Hi all,

Thank you for your replies and clarifications.

But looks like bad luck is really following me around.

I got a position shortly after I was laid off. The commute was good. The technologies they use are good too.

My hiring manager is a good person. The job started off well and everything was ok.

But during the onboarding process, I fell under another manager.

Now she was a different story. I have two kids and one of my kids start his KG at 9:40 am PST. I told her the same and asked her for some flexibility either in the morning (when I can drop them and my hubby can pick them up) or in the eve when I can pick them and my hubby can drop them. Because she was setting the meetings at 5:30pm in the evenings which was really making it difficult for me to pick up my kids (as my hubby drops them and 6:00pm is the pickup time). That's when she actually started speaking rudely. I got scared and sent her an email copying my hiring manager and told her my situation once again and also told her in the email that if wrapping up the meeting was not possible everytime, its ok and its just a request from my end.

2 days after that email, they said my contract has been ended. Saying my timings were not appropriate.

I was shocked, because I come at 9 and go at 5:30 (I eat at my desk) which is 8 hours.

I told the same to my hiring manager, he understood and finally he said they are not terminating my contract. But now I will be directly working under my hiring manager.

But the whole incident has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Should I look out for another position. I am not sure if I can trust them.

Please advice. Did I do anything wrong.

I have started to lose confidence in myself though I am up to date with latest technologies.

Thank you!

7 years ago
Hi All,

I am trying to get started with learning Hibernate. I am slightly intimidated with the technology and am overwhelmed with it.

But this time I have resolved to master it.

So I started with Java Persistence with Hibernate Second Edition (Christine Bauer) and my resolve went downhill as I was not able to get the examples to run properly. There were no setup instructions to guide me in doing the initial setup.

The next best book I came across was Hibernate Made Easy: Simplified Data Persistence with Hibernate and JPA (Java Persistence API) Annotations. This is an awesome book, and i totally love it. But the downside is, It was written 8 years and will not be applicable to the new versions of Hibernate.

So I am back on the search for a good book for Hibernate.

Can any body recommend some.

Thank you!
Hi Paul,

Well, if each name only applies to one Employee, what about a Map<String, Employee>?

The datastructure that I select should be in such a way that if given the name or phone number the Employee details should be brought up.

Not sure if this is achiveable but wanted some expert advice on it.

Thank you!
7 years ago
Hi Winston,

Well, if each phone number only applies to one Employee, what about a Map<PhoneNumber, Employee>?

In this case When i give the phone number, I can get the Employee details.

But when I give the Employee name how can i pull up the Employee details.

Can you please clarify.
7 years ago

For now the relation is just one employee with one or many phone numbers.

So when we give the input as Employee name or phone name, the code should display that particular Employee details.

7 years ago
Hi all,

There is a particular scenario that I am trying to code and would need your help in deciding which Java collection would be the best to achieve it.

I have a collection of Employees and each employee can have multiple phone numbers.

So I should be able to pull up the employee details either by providing the employee name or by providing the employee Phone number.

Can you help me in figuring out which Java collection would be the best to achive this(Assume that we are not to use any Databases to store the data. Only java collection frameworks).

Thank you!
7 years ago

I live in California, fremont.

Thank you!
8 years ago
Hi folks,

I need a bit of an advice.

I was given the news that I am being laid off and I was given a 2 weeks notice. I am a Java/J2ee developer

I asked if it was performance but they said it was because of restructuring and budget.

On those lines i had a few questions and I was wondering...

1) If an employee is going to be fired, during the discussion do they give any indication as to why they are fired(instead of layoff).

2) If it was performance, does the employer hint at it, at some point of time, before giving the 2 weeks notice.

3) Finally once the news of layoff(not firing) has been communicated to you and you are given the 2 weeks notice, what are expected from you?

4) Should I still attend the daily standup meetings, or should I concentrate in my job search?

5)Should I be regular to office or can I WFH. If i am in office there is no way to go on with a job search?

6) If my colleagues are planning on an sendoff, Should I accept it or can i gently decline.(I will be in no position to sit through a sendoff with my present state of mind).

7) In short what is expected by the employer from the Employee in those 2 weeks??

Thank you!
8 years ago
Hi all,

Can anyone explain me why coding to interfaces is good while coding to implementation is bad in java.

Can you explain with the Real world example.

Why does coding to implementation result in tight coupling - This is the point i am not understanding.

Thank you!

8 years ago
Thank you very much for the reply.

I came accross this which says

"If you want to make sure the same classloader loads your singletons, you must specify the
classloader yourself; for example: "

"The preceding method tries to associate the classloader with the current thread; if that classloader is null, the method uses the same classloader that loaded a singleton base class. The preceding method can be used instead of Class.forName(). "

But I am not able to understand it. What if the class loader with the current thread is different from the classloader that loaded the singleton base class. How is it possible that the current thread will always return the same classloader that loaded a singleton class.

Can somebody explain.

Thank you!

8 years ago
Hi all,

I am new to the concept of class loaders.

I have read several online resources on this, but still I am a bit confused on the below points.

1) Using custom classloaders can we control the default behaviour(bootstrap, Extension and system).
2) By control I mean can we completely override the default behaviour and only call my custom class loader.
3) or Can I have the default behaviour along with the custom behaviour.
4) How can I use custom classloaders to reinforce Singletoness.

Thank you in advance for your time.

8 years ago
Hi All,

I have a specific security requirement where I have a URL with malacious content and I need to call a third party tool to sanitize this url.

So as part of this Legacy code which uses spring framwork 2.5, there is an already existing Inteceptor. So i would like to leverage this Interceptor and provide the sanitizing piece of code as part of the prehandle since the prehandle takes in a request object. But once I have sanitized the requestURL I am not sure how to integrate/update this requestURL in the request object.

Any help is appeciated.

Thank you very much for your time.
9 years ago
Hi All,

I am new to the concept of caching.

I am trying to clear the cache using

I do a change in the database and then trying to invoke this. But i see the same onld stale data. Can you please point me to what further steps need to be taken to clear the cache.

Thank you in advance for the help

Thank you!
Hi All,

I am not able to get the line 9 work which ever way i try. I am a newbie in jquery and not sure how to go ahead with finding the right solution.

Can you please throw some light on how to change my cursor to a custom cursor.

Below is the code.