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Recent posts by sudhakar ananth

ya what you said is correct

but believe in LUCK

L = labor

U = under

C = correct

K = knowledge....

so i hope you got my answer my friend....

i was searching for "correct kn...."

Hello Friends

can any one send me materials.........

of scjcd

Mr Niranjan Deshpande and many gud friends got gr89 scores... so

and Mr Sergio Tridente who has prepared there note so if they share it will be very valuable thing for people like us who can get same marks as they got......

any forward the .. material

1)notes they prepared.. that is they took the printouts and used and also...

aslo EL table...
[Let's keep the shared material public, please. - Marc Peabody]

and so on
ok bye frineds....

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[ May 30, 2007: Message edited by: Marc Peabody ]
Hello Freinds....
can any one tell me what is procedure and

what should be qualifications for this certification....

i am SCJP 5.0 Certified....

please tell me the procedure friend.s....

Thank you very much,,,,,,,

can any please send the material what you all have prepared to get through the certification

[Let's keep it public, please. Links to material can be found in my signature below. - Marc Peabody]

thank you very much friends
[ May 29, 2007: Message edited by: Marc Peabody ]
Hello Friends....

shall i write... web component 1.4 or 1.5

i really don't know if 1.5 is there or if yes please provide me link......

ok bye friends....
Hi Mohit congrats friends

can you or any friends post material to giving this.. web component... exam

[Let's keep it public, please. Most (if not all) of these are available through the JavaRanch site. Please see my signature below for links. Thanks! - Marc Peabody]

bye friends
and thank you very much...
[ May 29, 2007: Message edited by: Marc Peabody ]
hi friends
really urgent friends...
i want to have plugins for SWING
and aslo the same problem with ...... STRUT

the problem is...
how to add the plugin to the Eclipse....
i am keeeping it in the plugin folder but problem is that
how to know whether it has been activated or not
how to activate it???
pls respond.

Hi Jay did you got the solution for the SystemTray
if yes please tell

i have used 1.6

but it is not so gud....

as we can't keep the collection of the all the message which came for last 30 min or so

so if you got the answer pls tell me
12 years ago
no michael you completely mistaken me.

ya seen the questions but my situation is completely different
as it is stand alone

i want that option in java 1.5 or 1.6
so i need the solution

i have tried that one but that solution is not compatible to my problem

so i am asking

but thanks for you answers on my previous querries..
12 years ago

Does anyone know how to write a desktop notifier

Like the ones that *ding* when youre mail arrives ?

Is this possible in swings and also can i know

do java 1.5 supports this if yes please help frieds it is urgents
Please provide links or code..
as i am presently in standalone application....

Thank you very much
12 years ago
if my assumption is wrong please rectify my bye friends
12 years ago
I got the answer

i think when we are keeping the table into scrolpane
it tries to resize it self and because of this i think we are not able to see the knob when we can see the scroll bar(hori....)

so to get the knob we have make the table resize option false

us the solution...
12 years ago
Hello Friends

I am not able to get scrollpane's scrollbar horizontally

i am getting it virtually i mean. i able to see it but it is not working

i am getting it with scrollPane.setHorizontalScrollBarPolicy(JScrollPane.HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS);

but when i am running i am not able to see the "knob" at all ,buttons can be seen

pls help me how to scroll vertical....

vertically it is coming by default

thank you very much friends...
12 years ago
Hi Friends
Can we adjust the components as we can do in Gridbag Layou..

so can any one tell me how can we do this same property in any other layout

actually i need of .... use card layout

that is to show one screen at a time so can any one tell how can i get to my mission

Thank you ver much
t c
12 years ago