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madhuchilipi reddy

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since Feb 09, 2007
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Recent posts by madhuchilipi reddy

how to create many-many mapping.
tell me about DispatchAction in hibernate and many-many mapping .
in jsp when destroy method will call.
15 years ago
i write code like this .table is SUDHAN
Session session=Orasf.currentSession();
String vs="select max(sudhan.sno) from Sudhan sudhan";
Query qry=session.createQuery(vs);
List studList=qry.list();
Object o[]=studList.toArray();
for(int i=0;i<o.length;i++){
Sudhan s=(Sudhan)o[i];

but i got exception like

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long
at org.student.Getting.main(
wt is the mistake in the code.
i want to retrive single value in string .how to write Hql Query
u take empid in first table as primary keyj.
in second table we want to give the references to empid of second table.
i am writing in sql my query is "select max(sid) from Student" this is my query.
how i write same query using HQL
i have table this table columns are
sno sname
1 nadg
2 sdd
3 dd
this is my table i want to get the value only with using hql.
and that value put into one string but it will not possible .how to store that getting value.
i have to know what is the exat differcence between jsp and servlet.let me know pls
15 years ago
i am want clear cut information about persistance,lazy loading and hibernate disadvantges
my problem is first i taken one html that i taken 5 these fieds store in database through servlet.means html forward to servlet.after that servlet to forward one jsp page.
my aim is
in that html is application form when ever i am giving all details it will store and to display reciptform(jsppage).in that jsp page automatically increment the recipt no.
how it is possile
15 years ago
wt are the scope variables in java
15 years ago
how to display the calender in jsp page using struts
my requirement this
birthday: here i want to display calender when i click calender it will capture by that colum

how it was displayed
15 years ago
i have one doubt.
abstaract class menas it having abstaract methods
interface menas abstaract methtods and constant variable.

we are writing class abstract inthis class we write all methods
abstract and declare variales final it act as a interface or not
.we can write means wt is the diff between abstract and interface
15 years ago
this is madhu.
i want which type of versions to use to access files all our project people .which version they maintain to acess all files.
[ February 13, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
15 years ago