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Recent posts by jpyrett

I just took the test (beta) earlier today. It was very hard. The hardest part is getting thru all the questions in time (yes, 5 hours is alot but goes by fast).. I had to fill in guess answers for the last 10 or so questions

There were some questions that were just too hard to figure out what the question was. There is alot of variety in the questions to the point where it can be tiring trying to figure out what to do. But the questions are long and tricky.

Overall, the experience was well worth it (even if I didnt pass). I have learned some new Java and learned some things just reading thru all the test questions. But, lesson to be learned is you need to try stuff out with the compiler. more later gtg.
We are looking for a Programmer Analyst.. We are a healthcare company that processes claims primarily. Our website is
Skills required:
Some Java, some VB, college preferred, C++ a plus, Access, Sql Server, ASP
Send your resume to:
Helen Fry
5151 Pffeifer Road, ML 400
Cincinnati, OH 45242
The position is for immediate hire, full -time permanent gig.. Will not pay for VISA. Helen can answer all the details.
16 years ago
Hi Mark,
Thanks for advertising the position on this site. I am interested in applying for a java developer position. I am taking the SCJP test in about two weeks. I have high mock scores so far and shooting for that 100% mark, which is why I am delaying, but can easily pass now. I am actually working on a enterprise Java project currently involving running our vital business reports from a custom client/server system I created using SQL server/JDBC and multi-threading etc. It is actually
replacing the InfoReport scheduler from Computer Associates.
I have been using Visual Cafe 4.1 with the new 1.3.1 JDK
and am getting a home lab set up to do distrubuted RMI and XML and peer-to-peer juxta and other more technical java things.
I received my masters in comp sci from Univ of Cincinnati in Feb 2001 and walking in commencement this June 8. I received my BS in comp sci in 98. I have been working as a programmer analyst at a ~500 empolyee medical claims company since last July and did work for my thesis using Java2. I also have taught C++ at the Univ of Cincinnati College of Engineering while at grad school and have had other internships (~2 yrs exp.)involving different languages and projects (Perl 5, VB, ASP) etc..
I would like to talk to you if you are interested about bring me aboard. I want to work in a real java environment as I
am the only Java guy in a VB enviroment. I am legally authorized to work in the US (US citizen). My email is: is my company website. I am one of the lead programmers there. My phone number is:
513-851-4246 if you want to call and chat. Send me your email, and I'll send you a current resume.
Jacob Pyrett
18 years ago