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HI ,
i am a under-grad from university of Illinois , and presently continuing my masters in computer science .
I see that this forums are moderated by pros , who themselves seem highly experienced , and some of them would have been involved in hiring college grads , at some point in their career.

i passed SCJP amd presently preparing for MCTS in web development.
Can people here kindly guide me , and answer few questions i have in this regard.

1. Will these CERTS help me get an internship ,while i am in my course.

2. How much can these certs help me in finding a job after my course. I am a fresher with no experience. i joined in masters immediately after my undergrad. Will these CERTS help me over other few experienced fellows in my class.

3. regarding freshers, will these CERTS place me at an advantage over other freshers at job interview
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11 years ago
With Yahoo's sagging fortunes, and M$ offering a 60% premium over Yahoo's current evaluation, it may finally very much happen.Dont know how Google will be affected by that
12 years ago
hello ranchers,
Grisoft is giving away free AVG Anti-Virus Professional edition latest version 7.5 for 1 year which normally costs $29.95 for license and 1 year subscription for virus signature update as part of promotion with ComputerActive magazine and VNU reader.

however , there is nothing to stop others from downloading it from the magazine site.

just visit the linkLINK here or HERE to get the free copy.
enjoy and happy new year.
12 years ago

I use AVG plus McAfee plus ZoneAlarm plus AdAware ...

Just out of interest, whats your RAM.
i think it must be mighty huge.
12 years ago

I thot we are talking about free antivirus!

Even i too was a patron of those freeware antiviruses like AVG till recently.
But as i have said there were 3 -4 instances in past where AVG could not protect my computer from them , and all my system files got infected. The only thing it could do was to quarantine or delete those infected files, but if i deleted my system files, my comp wouldnot start.
so i thought of putting an end to all these headache by buying NORTON , as my company also used a corporate edition of the same product.
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12 years ago
I dont think AVG is effective in removing viruses.last time my computer came into contact with viruses , AVG did not detect them until all my system fies had become infected, so i had to format all my computer.
From then on , i started using NORTON antivirus and it works fine to me.
i think it retails for some 50$, but you can get a 90 day trial link
12 years ago
I think safari will soon join the list .
THis browser is too much a beta to be used.
This browser had bugs discovered by developers within a hour of its launch.
i think there are in some kinda race with MS as to who will develop the worst browser.
12 years ago

How can there ever be a depression of that magnitude in India or any other developing country

it will be developing countries that will be most hit by volatility in global market rather than developed countries.
The high salaries of Indian software pros has led to high inflation rates in india to a level that the Prime Minister of that country had to plead to IT cos to rationalise the salaries of their personnel.
well,this is all i know about strong economic fundamentals in that country. :roll:
12 years ago
As IT sector expands it will lead to integration.Most of the industries involved with sectors such as energy, banking, health care, communication, defence, entertainment and transportation services have begun integrating into themselves all aspects related to computerisation. These industries will no longer outsource these areas or tasks to the IT industries once this integration is complete. Without outsourcing the IT industry in INdia is as good as out.

The second is a vicious circle. As the Indian IT industry gets bigger, the competition grows fiercer and the companies are forced to provide their services at a lower price to attract more clients. To attract and employ the best professionals periodic salary hikes are absolutely essential. These two factors are bound to collide.

Moreover with falling exchange rates, the Indian IT companies will be forced to raise their service price tags. At one particular juncture outsourcing will no longer be as cheap. And at this juncture the standards of living will be higher and the IT employees will begin to ask for more. And that is one more collision.


if US goes ahead with its plan of putting restrictions on h1b visas, which 2 of its senators have been contemplating for sometime and add it to it some restrictions on indian software goods, it will hit indian IT cos mighty hard.then the next depression in india will be clearly in sight.

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12 years ago

How long is the IT boom expected to last in India

depends on global conditions and also depends largely on US Trade Practices.

When do you think the next depression / recession will happen and how severe will it be and why?

with most of young people in india employed in IT,if at all bust happens, it will lead to situation were US was in 1921.
12 years ago

I believe UFO came from some alien planet to Out Sourcing their work to Bangalore.

I think they did an arial reconaissance of your city before they could launch an full scale attack on it. so be careful Mr.Parekh.

[ June 01, 2007: Message edited by: dan dunst ]
12 years ago
This is picture of UFO cloud

dont know over which city it was flying.
12 years ago
microsoft launches a surface computing device. i think this is a glimpse of how pc in future will look

anyway looks cool!
12 years ago
we now have a new browser offering from MS . Microsoft Firefox 2007 professional edition . download

and dont forget to check the System requirements HEre

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13 years ago
"if you live every day as your last, one day it will come true" -Steve Jobs
13 years ago