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Recent posts by Alex Nemo

Finally wrote the exam and passed with 85%.. not so happy with the score wud have been great if i crossed 90 but its ok
Have been waiting to write thie exam since 3 Years.. Finally got time to study (after IPL n busy cricket season ).
Prepared for exactly 2 months..

Orielly EJB 3.0 , MZ Notes and Enthuware mocks..

Thanks for Enthuware for such a wonderful s/w..
and also mikalai zaikin for a very good n simple easier to read notes...
n also Javaranch

Best of Luck for evryone perparing for the Exam...

11 years ago
hi everyone,
Thanks for your replies. My point here is that i do not know the current market pay for 2 years guy in java. As per the info i have i thought that 5 lpa should be better. Now that i already got what i expected , I was confused whether i should go for other interviews or not.

The job profile is good(will be trained and be working on Netweaver) and also the company is good in all terms as per the info i gathered.
Since i still have some more time I have decided to attend some more interviews .thats why i have been asking what my Expected salary should be..
14 years ago
I have 1 year 10 months experience in Java technologies.. I had worked on Struts spring and hibernate frameworks.. I am working in an MNC. My current pay is 3.14. iam working in Chennai.

I have completed SCJP and SCWCD certifications.
I got an offer from a good company in Bangalore product based.. They had offered 5.18 lpa salary..

How good is this offer.. This is my first and only interview that i had attended in my job search.. My initial expectation was 5 lpa..

1)Can i get anything more than this offer. i.e., 5.5 or more or should i stay with this one..?

2) As far as I know this company is good in terms of work culture etc., But the on site opportunities are only for short duration 3 months. So should i try for some other service based companies and join for lesser salary?

Iam interested in working on advanced technologies in java and also prefer to go to on site at least in next 2 years..

Please give me some advice ....

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14 years ago
Thanks for you're replies..
14 years ago
I have 2 years experience and my current pay is 3.2 LPA. I am working in J2ee p/f..I am working in an MNC in Chennai,India

worked in Struts,Spring,Hibernate. Good Knowledge in Core Java Servlets & Jsps,..

I had completed the following Certifications

SCJP 95%

How much Salary can I expect?? I wanted to join in a good Company..i.e.,
Also How much Oracle offer for 2 years Experience??

I am Expecting around 5 LPA.. Is it reasonable??
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14 years ago
Dont Panic.. The Exam in the Book is tougher than the real Exam.. In my case I got only 62% when I took it 3 days before the Exam.. U just go through the Book once again and take some other mocks and can take the exam ..

Forget about that score and go on with your preparation....

Best of Luck....
Hi ranchers,

At Last I had finished my SCWCD certification with 91% after 3 months from taking SCJP in March . One thing that I learned from preparing for these certifications is that it helps you to maintain a balance between what you are doing and your learning which is very important.

I had actually set a goal of writing SCJP and SCWCD by June 8th(which is my birthday), so I had only 3 months remaining with me after I completed my SCJP.

Heres my preparation story:

As Soon I finished my SCJP , I bought the Head First Book and started on the very day, from there on I read it now and then , I completed reading it in 45 days. Then I started reading once again noting every important point I came across and started taking the Chapterwise Exams. Then I started out with the mocks in JavaDiscuss,J2EE Certificate and Whizlabs mocks whioch of these certainly helped me a lot in knowing miniscule details tat I had missed out.

The most toughest one for me while taking these mock Exams had been Custom Tags related Questions. So I read everything that I could find about them and practised a lot until I feel comfortable.

In all these mock Exams I was scoring in between 70 to 80 percent.

3 days before the exam I took the Exam in the Head Forst Book. I was only able to score 62%. I am very unsatisfied with my performance. I took two more mock exams available in and my score was ok.

then 2 days befire the Exam I took the mock Exam by S A Rehman through JPilot Test software. First Time I had Failed in a mock Exam. I was very very depressed with the result and the day before the Exam I read the Whole of the HeadFirst Book again except Deployment Chapter which I felt that I was very strong at. It took 8 hours to read. Then I didnt took any more Exam on the last Day. That it ..... I appeared for The Exam and I cleared it with 91%.

My Advice to all the ones who are preparing...

1)Read the Head First Book thouroughly , read every corner of the book ,dont even leave the Dumb Questions Section and Iam sure that any one can get 80 % for Sure.

2)I am working in Struts Spring and Hibernate for last 20 months. I had very little knowledge on Servlets and Jsp before I started my preparation.

3)Whenever U get a doubt dont try to ask it immediately in the forums without trying out on your own. I mean trying it practically(Code it). Only after that still if you couldnt get a solution the U ask others. This is what I learned from my Experience.This helps U to learn more things.

4)Take as many mock Exams as possible before taking the Exam.. Dont be in a hurry to take the Exam. This helps you to identify your weakness and lets you focus on them.

5)Follow Javaranch daily, I had been reading it regularly since 1 month.

Finally I had taken the Exam within the time I had set for my self, and now I am very relieved .......

All the Best for all of those taking the Exam.

Last Note: This is the slight easier Exam than SCJP.
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1) What are these methods for in HttpServletRequest interface?
these are very confusing in the API descriptions..


2)When will the syntactic correctness of associated Tag files happen in a JSP ?
Will it happen During Page translation ?

3)Order of events during Web application start up?
Initialize Servlets with Load on Start Up
Initialize Filters
Initialize Listeners
ContextInitialized method is called on Listeners implementing ServletContextListener interface
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When will the syntactic correctness of associated Tag files happen in a JSP ?
Will it happen During Page translation ?
Great score!

Have a nice time
14 years ago
I had passed SCJP 1.4 with 95% today. Thanks for the great book Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, The Best Interactive Forum javarach and Whizlabs mock exams....

Once again Thanks a lot..........
14 years ago
Sorry for that I actually dont know that....
Please do not post questions from that source in this forum. Someone has put braindumped real SCJP 1.4 questions into it.

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[ March 03, 2007: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
why does a protected member accessible in a subclass which is a subclass outside package that inherits a protected member.

when a subclass-outside-the-package inherits a protected member, the member is essentially private inside the subclass, such that only the subclass� own code can access it.

If the above statement is true then why is a private memeber getting inherited in the subclass of a subclass outside the package.

class A
protected int i=10;

package com.two
class B extends A
//i is accessible only through inheritence

package com.two
class C extends B

// i is not accessible through Reference ok..
//i is still accessible through inheritence???
//why is this so if i becomes private in B

Help me out!