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Recent posts by Chatura Dilan

Hello, I just completed my SCWCD exam and came here from SCWCD forum. but i shocked i can see only three post here

i wonder is their something wrong with my browser?
hi rajneesh, check this link you can get all information about SCWCD books, mock exams. i took about 2-3 months to prepare for the exam.

thank you
Hi Friends,

Thanks a lot,

I'm looking to do SCMAD exam next
wOw!! Congratulations Sherlyn!!
12 years ago
I have cleared SCCWCD 5 exam with 95% ( 66/69 )

Thanks for javaranchers who helped me lot

I did
Read Head First Book 3 times (Read Some chapters so many times eg:tags)
Did Macus Green Mock exams
Peabody, i read your note. I got 100% for design patters, thanks
jDiscuss Mock Exams
and Read lot of posts in javaranch SCWCD forum because there are lots of mock questions here.

Some exam questions are tricky. so see syntax are correct before you choose an answer. it is is very important.

Thanks you.
I added <%@ page isErrorPage="true" %> to both exception pages, but i get the same results, i don't know why? anyone have this issue? anyway what do we select if we get this kind of question in the exam?
hello Joy here is the code





is this statement true?

the container looks for servlet mapping in the DD before it look for <welcome-file-list>?


What happen my jsp page throws an ArithmeticException
I tried it, but it show me tException page, but according to the mock question it should be arException.jsp. I don't know why is that?
Hi Congratulations Chintu, i saw your effort to pass the exam with high score, this SCWCD forum was full of your questions.
12 years ago
There is no EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED constant in IterationTag interface, so it will not compile