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Recent posts by Vasu MuraliKrishnan

Originally posted by arulk pillai:
Keeping one's skills/knowledge/experience current, relevant, and sharp is the way to have a real IT job security in uncertain situations like this.

Well thats mostly for the experienced about the new fish ?
12 years ago
Dear All,
I would like to open up this topic for the US aspirants.
1. What is happening to the US market? Is recession in the economy is for sure?
2. What is the government of US and big companies are doing to rescue the economy and the dollar value?
3. How is the current job market panning out?
4. What will be the future for IT jobs in US?
5. Outsourcing of IT jobs to emerging countries � Will it increase or decrease?

Please pour in your thoughts, insights and knowledge on the above issue. Thanks
12 years ago
Thats 6500 AED and you can just manage to survive in dubai...don't expect to save big
13 years ago
I don't see any harm in telling your manager about your personal commitment.
Cause during many instances we would have put aside our personal commitment just to complete some offical work. As such letting your manager know about your situation is not wrong in any tense. Also make sure you plan your transition and get it done as per the plan
13 years ago

Originally posted by Anoushka Sharma:
I have 10.5 yrs of IT experience and my pay packet is 15L (all fixed) in Mumbai. I consider this to be a good pay. Am I on the right track? Please do not bring Bangalore or Hyderabad into picture. I am talking specifically about Mumbai.

My CEO has got 15yrs of exp and makes he on his track?
Well i will not agree if he says that he is on track, cause his peers in the industry earns much more that.

My project managers makes 12LPA with 11+ years of he on the right track? No/yes again if you ask me...his peers in the industry gets more than that in some organisation and gets very low in some org

My exp is 4+ and i get 7LPA...Am i in right track...who knows ???

Bottom line...don't scale your growth just with money...its more than that
13 years ago
Never compare an IIM MBA with other does makes a lot of difference. If you feel that IIM MBA's are not worth the salt...then you're grossly wrong. They are definately a creamy lot. With the competition so high and the kind of drill they undergo while in campus makes them the best in the industry (particulary in leadership positions).

In India (or maybe in the entire world) rather than the degree you get, its the institution that makes the difference. The college next door might not find enough students into their BE or MBA courses...but IIT or IIM the competion is so high. That makes the difference. Only the good goes in the and the best comes out.

Girls...maybe they are commiting a serious mistake here if they look only @ the degrees earned
13 years ago
Asst Manager of "What"
Please be specific
13 years ago
You have mentioned that you are working in a big organisation. What i would suggest you is that you stick on with your present company and don't go to the new organisation (after all they don't provide you Java work either).
Your manager is not your boss
You can always approach your resource group and ask for another project. Big companies have that kind of setup. Speak to your HR and senior managers about your aspiration and career...If all falls into deaf ear...quit
But make sure you follow your aspiration and not money
13 years ago
Dear Pavan Tanay,
Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please tell me what all comes under J2EE Fundamentals?
13 years ago
The support that you have mentioned here is not a real time application support. This is just another product customisation support. To be part of development work or with application support is not a big deal as such the technology is concerned. In both the case you will have the learning part attached to your career. But the one you have mentioned will not have much of learning curve, since its already a built product. You can ask your manager to place you in other devl project, once you have a capable replacement for you. Till that time make sure you have the continous learning process in place.

Being a domain expert will help you a lot. That is the kind of skills the industry expects from you as an experinced programmer. So concenrate on the domain that you love and excel in that.
13 years ago
The interviewee here has assumed that he is so special for Java. I think the whole interview posted here is normal and has nothing to do with slapping the organisation for any misconduct in the interview. Hope every one understand this...especally the interviewee
13 years ago

Originally posted by Srikanth Raghavan:
I would like to know the hierarchical designations that is commonly implemented in the IT industry(both technical and functional) from a programmer or a tester to CEO.

For eg:-
Programmer --> Team Lead --> Project Manager --> ???

Thank you,

It depends on organisation structure...mostly this is how they do it:
You will have three main streams:
1. Delivery: Responsible for project delivery
2. Sales: Sales and Marketing
3. Technology: Grow as a technical architect/funtional consultant

Any of the three will lead you up till the middle managers role...From there starts the leadership team (note: there is a difference between leadership team and management team) like Unit head, country head, VP, COO, CEO...

We start like this
Trainee --> Programmer --> Team Lead...From her we need to decide..
The path can go like this based on the above three

Team Lead-->project manager-->account manager/Group lead-->Leadership team
Team Lead-->Pre-sales team(a part of Project management team)-->sales team-->Leadership team
Team Lead-->Busniess analyst/Sr.BA-->funtional expert/Technical architect-->Leadership team

Note: there is no hard and fast rule in any of the above. To be a part of leadership team, you need to expereince all the three streams
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
Whether or not it's a good move depends on your experience, your goals, your ambitions, your financial and family situation, in short: your life. Asking a bunch of strangers who don't know any of this for advice is not likely to get you good answers. I'd suggest to discuss this with people who know you well.

The reason i posted this question here is because i have no idea about the Java market. If you take any new technology, then ppl who are already are experinced in other technoloy/domain can join the bandwith with a training on the new platform. Means i can do a SAP course and can jump into SAP, since its a relativley new technology. Can i do the same with Java.
13 years ago
Nope...i haven't coded in Java..but had some coding done in C++.
13 years ago

Originally posted by John Meyers:

As long as the water is fine and I have lots of food to eat and grow I dont mind which pond I am in.

me too
I don't like challanges to live...if i ever need that then i will join army and will quit IT
13 years ago