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Recent posts by ragavendran krishnamoothy


I read in Mastering EJB 4th edition, that in EJB3.0 spec, its mentioned as single table per concrete class is not required to be supported.

do we still need to work this strategy out ? can you please clarify me this ?

- Ragav
I read the below explanation on JTA transaction from Mastering EJB3.0 written by Sriganesh,brose,silverman

JTA transaction always begins & ends externally to the JTA entity manager.
Beans and Container, in case of bean-managed and container-managed transactions, respectively,
will begin and end the JTA transactions;
they make entities a part of their active transactions by enlisting the entity manager's persistence context.
The entity manager, therefore, only participates in an already active JTA transaction; it doesn't actually begin or commit a JTA transaction on its own.
Hence, there is no mechanism to specify the transactional behaviour of the entities. Their transactional behaviour is completely dependent on the caller

I have some doubts in the above.

1. why do they mention about JTA in container-managed transaction. do they mean a distributed transaction environment ?
2. what do they mean by "transactional behaviour of the entities" in this context ?

I am totally confused with the explanation. It will be good if someone can explain me what they are trying to arrive at ?

sorry for the spelling mistakes.

- Ragav

my friend was told by NIIT that the voucher costs Rs.5200 when he checked with them 3 months back..
but when i checked yesterday, i was told it costs Rs6000.

i couldn't understand the reason for this difference .. so i was searching for some other centres where i can find some discounts..

Thanks for the quick response dude.. ... I am going to buy the voucher from the NIIT ..
Sorry guys. I placed it mistakenly here.
10 years ago
Hi Guys,

Can anyone let me know the actual cost of scbcd voucher?
when i checked here with NIIT, chennai, india i found it costs around Rs6000 [129$]. Please let me know is it ok paying this money ?


I want to know, what is actual cost of scbcd voucher?
when i checked here with NIIT, chennai, india i found it costs around Rs6000 [129$]. Please let me know is it ok paying this money ?

10 years ago
Thanks for the quick clarification kri shan.
- ragav
Please validate my below understanding in nested transaction.

In nested-transaction model, the sub-transaction can be either flat or nested and if we go for nested sub-transaction, we can rollback that nested sub-transaction alone
if it ends up in failure without affecting the main transaction.

At this time, we can re-try that sub-transaction alone by redoing the same work & it can be made to success but in the end if it doesn't succeed, it will force the main transaction to fail.
This above point i read from Mastering EJB 3.0 book, - and I want to know,

1.Does this mean that we can re-try it only once ?
2.Do the programmers needs to have the logic to re-try & see if it succeeds or not?
3.Again If the sub-transaction fails, how it will affect the main transaction - will it be done by the ejb transaction manager ?

Please correct me if i am wrong in my understanding Or in the questions i have asked. Thanks in advance.

- ragav
Thanks for the clarification Jothi . I will continue preparing for the scbcd3.0;

- Ragav

I have the same question running in my mind ? Please help me too ?

One more thing, as the ejb3.1 API has got approved in the last year i would like to know will we be able to write the scbcd on ejb 3.1 this year ? Or will it take more time to happen?
I have been preparing for the scbcd 3.0 But now thinking that Is it good to wait for scbcd on ejb3.1 & write it ?

Thanks in advance
I need some clarifications regarding, if i override the equals() for my class and when i create some objects and i add them into hashtable means, if some of my objects are CONCEPTUALLY equal means,
I want to know, before adding them into the hashtable, whether equals() will be invoked and the objects wont be get added into the hashtable if they are CONCEPTUALLY equal.
its those two objects which are isolated but refering each other.
can you explain the static import concepts with some examples ..........
stating the advantages & restrictions of the concepts....