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I am coming back to java after sometime and wanted to know if I want to do a catch all exception should I use catch (Exception e) or catch (Throwable t). What are the differences and pros and cons of them
6 years ago
Hi all,

I am a MS Computer science student in US with over 3 years of experience in web application development in Java/J2EE I have good knowledge of major Java/J2EE frameworks like Hibernate/Struts/JSF etc. I am also a decent C/C++ programmer. I am also SCJP 5 certified with 94% marks on the exam and I have a current GPA of 4.0.

I am looking for a internship (paid) for this summer for a period of about 10 weeks. DO pm me if you want to have a look at my resume.

15 years ago
Congrats to all winners and the authors for dropping in
Reasons why I think WYSIWYG *might* be useful

1. WYSIWYG is great to make jsp/dynamic mock up of a page
2. You can always customize the code generated
3. Great for newbies
4. Can be used to suggest/enforce best practices.

Does any other tool apart from RAD/RSA has a WYSIWYG functionality?
This one is really for the IDEA users.

Since I am a new user to IDEA and I just read a post saying the customer support is not the best. I wanted to know people's experience with Jet Brains for bug reports and general customer support regarding IDEA.

Customer Support is according to me one of the primary areas where a commercial IDE can win over free/Opensource IDE's like Eclipse/Netbeans.
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Another thing I would love to have is a preview feature, in the case that I don't have to deploy my application, load the browser and see a rendered JSP. Having a preview pane like Dreamweaver can be amazing and useful feature. Does IDEA7 has something like that?
One of things I like about IDEA is it keeps things simple things simple.. You do not have the flying whooshes and stuff everyplace it just makes things simpler (but you still have to do it!) It has nifty little stuff all over the place like pinned tabs (small thing but useful). Though the shortcuts can get a little tricky to get used to.
I was looking for moving to IDEA 7 from IDEA 6. What are the strong advantages according to the author of IDEA 7 over 6? (I need reasons to convince my boss to upgrade the license ;-) )
I am currently using IDEA 6. One of things I think IDEA lack is the drag and drop support for JSF and Struts. I have used IBM RSA before and was really impressed by its drag and drop support for JSF. I couldn't find any plugins either which would add the same.

Afaik the same is not available in IDEA7. Are there any plans of adding it in future or through a plugin.
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Congrats to all winners
True, but you still need to know how to use SQL for many purposes, Even hibernate has queries which are quite similar to SQL ones. Plus if you are working in a app which uses a db even through one of the ORM technologies, you would end up using a lot of SQL in your own development cycle(verifying results, creating tables ) though I would guess the role of SQL would certainly less important as compared to a JDBC app.

Waiting for comments on this
Ok I just realised the title is similar to another threads title, but I am asking a different question
One of the difficulties I face as a programmer/ amateur application designer is how to decide on the tables and when to split them (normalize) and what kind of design. That is should I generally have Small no of large tables or Large no of small tables- From my point of view it comes to Ease of use/Performance vs Normalization/Ease of understanding(Really! I am not sure!)

The authors talk about covering normalization in another thread, what other db design topics are covered in the book?

I am inclined towards this book only coz it has HEad first in the title, else I would have brushed it aside like "Just another SQL book". SQL seems like a beaten down old path, I am just curious what have you done different from other authors/books
Well, I know SQL well enough to get work done, What I need is a book which I can refer to and find quickly what I need (I know the concepts, just tell me how to do it). I know few books will have a primary aim like that, but does HF-SQL has a refresher/Good summary sections for its chapters so it can capture members of audience like me.