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Recent posts by Srinivasan thoyyeti

Please try to split the StringBuilder.toString() by delimiter and then you can array of key=value
However it seems to me that you need a Map rather than a StringBuilder; this way you can get value of for each key straight a way.

7 years ago
Dear Ranchers,

We have the problem that we want to start a Java application with Java Webstart, but do not want to always use the highest version of Java installed.
The application should use Java 1.6*. According to the documentation of this should be possible (Search for the j2se tag).

Now we have a PC with Java 1.7 and 1.6 installed. We cannot run the application with 1.6 We tried various several variant of how to specifiy the VM (1.6, 1.6*, 1.6.0_39),
but the application is started with Java 7 or we get an error 'Could not create the Java virtual machine.'

Did any one faced the same issue. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Srinivasan Thoyyeti.
11 years ago
instead of accessing the tempalte xhtml ...defined a POJO which exposes necessary attributes for template.

1. On click of excel export action method if new POJO
2. based on request params fill in all properties
3. redirect to xhtml template
12 years ago

How can I use it to fill the attribute value? could you give me an example snippet?
12 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I have a following doubt… let me know if you have any idea

Problem description:
I have following four xhtmls of simillar format.
1. page1ExcelExport.xhtml
2. page2ExcelExport.xhtml
3. page3ExcelExport.xhtml
4. page4ExcelExport.xhtml

Only some variables change in each page.

I want to define a template xhtml and substitute required values.
I know in JSF 2.0 we have this Composite component model. But in JSF 1.2 how can we do with minimum supporting model?

page1ExcelExport.xhtml listed below:

12 years ago
Hi there,

Please let me know hwo to disable rich:pickList's horizontal or vertical scrolling?
I have discovered the builtin style classes which can be overridden

rich-list-picklist Defines styles for a wrapper <table> element of a pickList

Table 6.548. Classes names that define a source and target items representation
Class name Description
rich-picklist-source-items Defines styles for a wrapper <div> element of a source list
rich-picklist-target-items Defines styles for a wrapper <div> element of a target list
rich-picklist-body Defines styles for a wrapper <table> element of a list body (source and target)
rich-picklist-list Defines styles for a (source and target) list
rich-picklist-list-content Defines styles for a (source and target) list content
rich-picklist-internal-tab Defines styles for a wrapper <table> element of list items (source and target)

I have tried overflow:hidden and scroll:no with all above style classes but no use.
Please help. Thank you.
13 years ago
Hi there,

Currently I am displaying rich messages at the top due to that my view is disturbed.

Hence in absense of messages I want to put a place holder for single message to start with.

Could you suggest me how to check for presence of messages?
I have tried using but it didn't work, I mean after message is created then hasNext() is true in entire seam conversation. Strange that the iterator facesContext.messages never advances.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
I did a silly mistake in writing EL expression.



13 years ago
Hello there,

Rich Faces version: 3.3.1
JSF: 1.2
Problem: actionListener could not be fired on click of menu Item. Please suggest an ideas.

13 years ago

ok. It seems onclick is not submitting a request to server by default; we need to write a javascript method to do so.
I suppose onclick in any tag will not post a request to server by default.

where as <h:commandLink>'s "action" is going to submit the request to server by default.
Thanks for posting this query.
13 years ago

Try increasing your session timeout in web.xml

13 years ago

I doubt something wrong might have happened with screen navigation rules because it ajax submit.
The question is "Does the Page Refresh happned or not?"

13 years ago
Ray Frid,

JSF normally saves the UI component tree state either at Client side or at Server side.

Default Server, in this case UI state stored in session context, so if you were happened to delay your submit request (post back) in such a way session timeout happens then
the UI state stored in it also gone with it.

So you would like to handle this exception and display a proper Session time out page.
13 years ago

This case described normally wont arise because user can not select something which is not there in list.

If you still consider setValue(String str) should not have set something not offered in list then override the set

Value(...) to filter unwanted values.

13 years ago

Root casue: I think the mapping of input text fields and backing bean is not set.

input text value:
<h:inputText value="#{element}" />

#{element} means #{StringReference}... now with this how JSF can figure out which backing bean and which property it has to set.

solution: I am not into JSF but
you can try something like

Iteration i from 0 to list size
<h:inputText value =#{RepeatHandler.stringList(i)}/>
end Iteration

13 years ago