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Recent posts by Neo Phesus

Hey Sundar,

This was the same thing I was in look out for. But unfortunately no responses

Anyways, few things I assume a TA should be familiar is with,
  • Familiar with all levels of software development.
  • Good technical and communication skills.
  • Good mentoring skills.
  • Flawless application designing skills w.r.t requirements and functionality.
  • Wider technology base(not just one programming language or one domain)
  • Innovativeness and creativeness, bit of thinking out of the box.
  • Keeping updated on latest market trends of applications.

  • Well, there should be lot more, or probably some of the above could be ruled out. I am not sure, because I am not a technical architect yet.

    We will know what exactly it needs to be only if we get the answer out of the horses mouth

    Lets wait for answers and contradictions on this
    Thanks KRK Gowda and MZ..!! It was very helpful!!
    Hi Balaji,

    Would suggest you go through the hall of fame for SCBCD exams to get an idea of the questions you have in your mind.

    These were some common questions which would come to everyone's mind before choosing a certification, so it should also be answered in some previous posts itself.

    I am not the right person as I do duplicate posts some times Just my two cents !!

    Personally, I would suggest you to go for EJB 3.0. And, there is no full fledged book for EJB 3.0. I found most of them suggest,
  • Orielly EJB 5th edition
  • Apress for Persistence API

  • Again I would advice you to go through hall of fame.

    Second try!!

    Please some one guide me through this
    Hi Alan,

    I am equally new to EJB, but here is what I understood. Your Java or JRE does not come into picture wheather you work on EJB.

    Your middle ware files which come along with the application server is the one which has the ejb related JAR files, so its the one which decides wheather you work on 1.3 or 5.0

    Ranchers, please correct me if I am wrong. There could be lots of chances I got it wrong

    Hi Ranchers,

    I would like to set up an application server to work out few examples as I did not/don't have an oppurtunity to work on EJB's.

    Could any one point me to setting up a environment for study with some app server? I did install JBoss server, I am unable to figure out at what port its listening..I am running tomcat in 8080 already.

    Thanks for your time.

    I am not sure about shops Lucknow or Allahabad. I am sure it should be available in any good computer book shop or technical book shop.

    The book costs some where around 500(INR).

    Hi Shoba,

    I am also an SCEA aspirant. I feel to be a better architect we should be able to go through the middle layer certifications atleast till SCBCD and then step in for a SCEA.

    But personally, I feel an architect should know the over all about J2EE, EJB, Web services and even mobile technology to be at his/her best

    Anyways thats my personal view...Expert suggestions would guide us better

    Hi Ranchers,

    Is there any book that covers SCMAD objectives in full??

    Could any one suggest which is the best book for SCMAD?

    Hi Ranchers,

    I just started with SCBCD 5.0 preparations, I feel like I am in a maze and feeling kind of difficult to get plunged inside EJB. It would be great if some one could give me a hierarchy of concepts or order in which various concepts are to be studied to get better understanding.

    I am new to EJB, I am a novice...I have just heard people talking about various key terms in EJB and have never got an chance to work or study anything with respect to this. Hence I would like know this concepts hierarchy from the basics.

    I guess there would be may more people of my category. It would be of great help to us.

    Thanks a lot for your time

    Hi Vassili,

    Well, there is no definite answer for it

    I just braught EJB 3.0 book by O'Rielly(5th edition). I am yet to start with it, mean while I am just glancing here and there about basic EJB concepts.

    Pretty much confusing for me, since I have never even know EJB theories

    Check out the hall of fame, you will get to see what books were used by people who already wrote the exam.

    Thank you Camilo !!

    Helps a lot :-)

    The following is the link which I found for downloading the EJB 3.0 specification.

    But I am not sure which of them I should download, It shows two of them. One for evaluation and one for implementation. I could not understand the difference between them.

    Could any one guide me with this?

    Thanks everyone Your wishes made my day !!
    16 years ago