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Recent posts by Markus Schmider

But you have to subscribe to the magazine (for free) to be able to download the pdf version.
Site and magazine are German.

But I copied the posted code directly from the pdf.
5 years ago
also the following code does not produce any output

5 years ago

I am trying to learn Spring Reactor Core by trying to follow an article from "JavaPro" 1/18
However I cannot make the asynch examples work
Why is the following code not producing any output?

Many thanks,

5 years ago

is there a standard compatible (implementation independent) way to configure JAX-RS to ignore JSON field which are not represented in the Java class during deserialization?


6 years ago
I have a program which parses files in a directory. The files are supposed to be UTF-8 encoded. However if by mistake a file has another encoding, it is not supposed to crash, but to ignore the file.
I have started out using Files.lines to read the lines. But this does not work as required.
A much simplified version:

The file is ANSI encoded. This code crahes, "End" is never printed.

Why is the exception not caught?

When I change the code to "pre-Java 8"

the program reads and prints all the lines without throwing an exception.

When I obtain the BufferedReader from Files, the program cannot read the file.
The exception is caught. "End" is printed.

Is there an explanation for the different behavior of the BufferedReaders?
Is there any way to make the first version work?

I am using java version "1.8.0_131".


6 years ago

I just took the 1Z0-809 (and passed).
There was an elaborate question on the Files.write(...) method. This was never mentioned in any of the books or tests I used for preparation.
Also there were quiet a lot of questions on FunctionalInterface and Streams. You have to look (and maybe experiment with) the Functional Interfaces for Primitives too.
And there was a question on ForkJoin which expected you to debug the damned program (I hate that stuff on examinations...)
Hello should I learn to work with the scanner class for Java 8 OCJP (1Z0-809)
I have encountered on question concerning the Scanner class in a Kaplan (Transcender) mock exam.
I am new to Camel. I have to work in a project which uses Camel 2.18.3 and cxf
3.1.10 on Tomcat 8.5.
I need to implement a Soap Webservice which is not used within Camel Routing (it implements a simple synchronous method call).

For testing I have tried this very simple example

I have added the following to camel-config.xml

From web.xml:

I cannot see my Webservice on

And after requesting

I get the following in the server log
2017-05-23 08:53:47,030 [nio-8080-exec-1] WARN  ServletController              - Can't find the the request for http://localhost:8080/ikfz2/webservices/Hello's Observer

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
7 years ago

I have to work in a project using Apache cxf and Tomcat.
In web.xml I have the following entry which I am not supposed to change:

How can use annotations so that a Webservice is published under /webersives/* ?

7 years ago
The above code does not compile with
Version: Neon.2 Release (4.6.2)
Build id: 20161208-0600
JRE System Library 1.8.0_121

It does compile with NetBeans 8.0.2

I am learning for the OCJP and really don't have the time to switch the IDE.

I have several code examples concerning flatMap which do not compile with my current Eclipse / Java combination.
Maybe this started with the last Java update.
Any ideas what might be the cause of this?
7 years ago
I cannot figure out why this code does not compile:

Type mismatch: cannot convert from List<Serializable> to List<String>
Why Serializable? Files.lines should return Stream<String>.
7 years ago

if have noticed that "OCA / OCP Practice Tests: Exam 1Z0-808 and Exam 1Z0-809" is already available as a kindle edition.
Do you know if O'Reilly will make it available as a pdf ebook and when?



For my OCA I have used both the Boyarsky Book and Website and the Enthuware simulator, which both were invaluable.
However while studying for the OCP I find that there is a discrepancy between both in the topics covered. In the Enthuware there are questions on the basic Thread Api (like join, interrupted, yield) which dont feature in Boyarsky. On the other side there are relatively few questions on the cuncurrency API (like ExecutorService, CyclicBarrier etc.).
Also there questions on the JDBC API concerning Transactions, Rollback, Commit in the Enthuware tests.
Is Enthuware outdated or should I study  for a superset of Boyarsky, Enthuware (and Ganesch)?

Many thanks from any input from people who have taken the OCPJP 8 test.
I have just worked thru the first test.
After the test time has run out, all of my answers and marked questions have disappeared.

So how am I supposed to learn anything?

This test simulator is completely useless, I have wasted €20 and three hours of my time for nothing.

It is a shame that such a product is being promoted on this forum.