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julianna beatrice say:
1. The books says that there are 72 questions in the exam and the passing score is 65%, however when I checked the oracle website it says that there are only 60questions with 58.3% passing rate. What should I expect on the actual exam.

Well, IMHO, it is better to be prepared for 72 questions and expect 65% passing rate. that way you are much prepared than expected. I too have brought K&B book during my review (SCJP 5) and i expect then that there are 72 questions. When i reach the 60th question, i was still in the mood for another 12 questions before I rest my mind.... but lo and behold.... it just end.... and I passed.

this means, there is no harm in expecting 72, than expecting less than what is actually there.

correction on my part...
it meant to be a method argument and not as reference variable.

thanks again.
Hi all,

I think the bullet (# 4 bullet) you refered to meant to deal with the previous bullet (#2 that is) which is about method void addD(List<? extends Dog> d) and not to apply this on reference var:
List<String> Sla = new ArrayList<String>();
List<? extends String> Dog = new ArrayList<String>();

which is a different thing.

Thanks Bert for being here for us.
thanks a lot Anil and John.

in fact I've red the scjp 5 objectives and it does not mentioned about awt and applet. problem is, some reviewer (mock exam that is)are creating confusions about it, and sad to say they are not helping...
- thanks again

I just want to ask if is it true that applet, java.awt.* and swing are included in SCJP 5.0 exam? if not, then why do some mock exams includes these questions about applet and the awt or swt thing? if the answer is yes, then why does K&B don't have topic for this. i'm scheduled to take the exam this march 6 and i'm confused about this things.
thanks a lot..