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Recent posts by Roman Rytov

well, as I wrote the process doesn't react to _any_ signal except for kill -9, that kills it absolutelly.

Can it be a code that leads to such a situation or I may absolutelly blame the system and JDK libraries?
20 years ago
Our environemt is HP-UX with 4 CPU, 2.5Gb of memory. Java is 1.3.1_13 (latest release). All necessary Unix patches installed.
We perform a load test over our application server with 40 users only. The test is pretty simple and doesn't deserve to be explained here (it uses no special system resources). In an unpredictable moment the java process utilizes 100% CPU and doesn't react to 'kill -3' but to 'kill -9' only. The problem is it happens whenever it wishes. No logic behind it. Every test loop takes about 1 minute to complete and the server gets stucked sometimes after 10 mins and sometimes after 3 houres of work. Changing java heap parameters and playing with new/old generation ratio also doesn't lead to any conclusion. Sometimes it happens before full gc but other settings allow full gc to happen every minute and the server works for hours.

What can it be? Any ideas? Any directions of investingation the problem?
20 years ago
I'm looking for a tool to test WS. The tool will be used by our QA so UI is a requirement. We didn't start testing yet so I have no idea what else except for UI may be asked.
20 years ago
There are more and more search engines/portals supplying WS API for search on their content. Is there any standard coming for such APIs?
20 years ago
I'm just started the second part and write down what my first approach is.
1. Tiering the system.
Since we have to get access to WEB and simple GUI application I suggest two points of entry to the system. One through WEB-container and another through RMI-based front controller. Both then talks to a BusinessDelegate that in rurn calls functional methods of SessionFacade. SessionFacade finally uses EntityBeans or DAO.
I guess the layout is more or less standard and doesn't have questionable points. The single one though is comunication of Java GUI application. I found RMI-based comunication is compromise one.
2. Object/class architecture.
After long reading of discussions regarding segment/flight/equipment meaning I came to the next schema.
[ some text removed by Ajith Kallambella ]
3. EntityBeans/DAO
Customer, Flights and Itinerary are good candidates for being EntityBeans but it has own pros and cons. This part I haven't reckoned yet.

What do u think regarding my approach. All ideas are welcome!
[ May 29, 2003: Message edited by: Ajith Kallambella ]
Don, do u really need another cert?:-) I guess it takes time just to recall all of your existing ones:-)
I'm just kidding, of cource
Don, do u really need another cert?:-) I guess it takes time just to recall all of your existing ones:-)
I'm just kidding, of cource
It's probably caused by new settings. I changed the computer and even forgot that such an option exists. It was stored in cookies I guess and I dnd't pay attention though. So shame:-))
Why I see only two pages in the forum? The upgrate didn't succed?
I passed part one and bought and downloaded a project abtou a year ago. Can I complete it and upload or it's been already expired?
When I was preparing to SCJP I read a book which name I can't recall now. The book covers preparation for SCJP and SCJD also. I had it in PDF format and it contains about 12-14 chapters regarding SCJP. There were a couple of authors. That's all I remember about it.
Any ideas what it could be?
I think that SessionBean itself can't be considered as an example of SessionFacade. Because the idea of Facade is to agragate access to several different objects through itself or to faciliate complexity of calls. That means that in a certain architecture it may became SessionFacade but only if it's implemented in this idea in mind. I mean we can't say that any SessionBean implements SessionFacade pattern.
BusinessDelegate is a form of proxying intercommunications btw. cliens and servers (or end-server) and it maybe implemented either by Proxy or Adapter strategy.
EJBHome is a Poxy in pure form.
I'd say the both have the same idea - to create an intermediate (and single) point of access to the value services. At this point additional operations maybe carried out. GoF Proxy doesn't specify who is Subject and who is Proxy but BusinessDelegate operates mostly between Business tier (SessionBeans) and fron-end (Web and others). BusinessDelegate maybe implemented either by Proxy or by Adapter strategies. (btw, there's no big difference between Proxy and Adapter sometimes)
For very specific reasons I'd prefer no to use a DB. Let's say I manage files uploaded to a server through a web. In this case a client sends a file to the server that stores it immediately on a disk, then another function reads the file and stores it intoe a DB (in a BLOB). To send a file to a client the whole way back is needed. The basic idea is simple. DB is to use search over data it stores. In my case all the data is binary and no search is needed (over the data itself). It's not a problem to write a simple filebased percistence but when transaction comes to the scene it complicates the matter.
21 years ago
We need to use file-based persistence instead of DB and very basic operations are in demand: reading/writing/searching/listing and transaction support is a must.
I wonder if someone knows whether a framework like this already exists.
P.S. Sorry for cross-post to another forum here since I don't know which address is the right one.
21 years ago