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no use, getting same problem, can anyone give me one complete sample application for struts2 with velocity. Thanks in advance.
15 years ago
i am trying the same example which i got with struts2 download. when i deploy the war file of download its working but when i try the same thing from my work space it is give like........

HTTP Status 404 - /struts2-0.0.1/

type Status report

message /struts2-0.0.1/

description The requested resource (/struts2-0.0.1/) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/5.5.17
15 years ago
hi i am going to give my exam on april 12th so can any one give me tips and advices.
hi merill,
i already went through this site. i want to work with struts2, velocity and tiles. I got documentation and read it but i am not getting complete example on how to integrate velocity and tiles into struts2. I think jsp is default view for struts2. Anyway thanks for your reply and expecting next reply.
15 years ago
hi everyone,
i am new to struts2, can anyone help me in this regard. how struts.xml works and what we have to give in web.xml and all the background scenario.
Thanks in advance.
15 years ago
import java.util.regex.*;
class Regex2{
public static void main(String[] args){
Pattern p=Pattern.compile(args[0])
Matcher m=p.matcher(args[1]);
boolean b=false;
and we give java Regex2 "\d\s\w" "12s 4w 33 1"

output for this is: 44 w 93

Can anyone explain me this. And i don't have much idea on this regex class also. can anyone provide clear explanation about this topic.
Thanks in Advance.
In this case also same null pointer exception because here we are trying to access wrapper class reference of value null so it will through null pointer exception. May be i am not so clear but its the result.
Consider the following code fragment:
Integer i1 = 100;
Integer i2 = 100;
Integer i3 = 1000;
Integer i4 = 1000;
Can you guess what will be printed on the screen? If your answer is false--well, you're wrong.
In this case, J2SE 5.0 works differently. Certain ranges of values are stored as immutable objects by
the Java Virtual Machine. So, in this case, the output is:
Normally, when the primitive types are boxed into the wrapper types, the JVM allocates memory and
creates a new object. But for some special cases, the JVM reuses the same object.
The following is the list of primitives stored as immutable objects:
� boolean values true and false
� All byte values
� short values between -128 and 127
� int values between -128 and 127
� char in the range \u0000 to \u007F

May be this you will be more clear.
hi souji that output is right because up to some value == results true after that limit it results false. i hope that range is int range. sorry i am not sure but that output is right no doubt about it. I am very sure because i tried in my system.
[ March 23, 2007: Message edited by: j bande ]
hi every one i don't have clear idea on static imports can anyone help me.....
hi every one, is awt is there in SCJP5? i hasn't seen it in K&B book but its there in some mock exams. can anyone clear my doubt.
Thanks to both Vassili and Fred. Know its very clear to me.
i = (j>1)?2:1;
what this expression mean, can anyone help me.......
public class Boxing{

Boolean b = new Boolean(true);
Boolean c = new Boolean(true);
boolean d = true;

System.out.println(b == c); //false because b and c are referring to two different objects.
System.out.println(b == d); // true because value of b and d are same. i mean both are true.

Thanks a lot sanjeev. I prepared K&B scjp5 then i done whizlabs questions(trial version), then java beat mock exams, then today i am doing K&B mock exams which was provided with my text book. My weak areas are Date, Number and Currency functions(6th chapter in K&B book) and enums. Anyway thanks a lot sanjeev for your kind advice and your help. I definitely follow your advices and instructions.

15 years ago