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Sateesh Mandapaka

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Recent posts by Sateesh Mandapaka

Congrats.. You will be sent a certificate within a month. You will get the relevant information for the SCJP logo , in the documents provided with your certificates.
I guess you have to wait a little long for the SCJP logo.

Taming SCWCD.
12 years ago
Hi Karthik,
Could you please indicate the steps that you followed for your preparation?
I mean i think without knowing Web Services, gettin thru with the certification is commendable. You were talking about the hands-on experience with WebServices. Please do point out to some good tutorials for that matter which will be very useful for people.

Congrats once again.

Hi Friends,
I am a novice in WebServices.I have been learning it since last month. I am using Axis and Tomcat to run the Webservice. I have created a WebService , which is basically used to append two strings and return the concatenated string. The Service is perfectly deployed on the Tomcat Axis , as it lists down the services that are deployed.
The problem comes when i try and access the service created. PLease help me out by giving me direction as to how this can be done.

If possible please point out to a good tutorial or suggest a good book for learning.

12 years ago

What i meant was , when we bring down the webapp the Context listener is one that acts on the context params (which are for the total web app) and not specific for one particular servlet or session.So what i thought was we should be acting on the specific ones before going on with the more generic ones.

Please let me know if i am wrong.
Appreciate any kind of ideas.


SCJP (1.4 ) - 88%
Taming SCWCD,
Hi Jothi,

"Closedown of a web application triggers a call to the matching closedown events in session and context listeners. The order in which listeners are
called is then in reverse order of deployment description declaration, with session listeners being processed before context listeners."

What i think is when we close the application , the order of execution of the listeners would be the order in which the Application is brought down.
I would say this is quite similar to delete a row in a DB table whose Primary Key is used as a Foreign key in another table.( Situation in case of Child records) We need to do a CASCADE i.e we need to first delete the child and then the parent record.

In similar lines , what i feel is we first act upon the servlet specific , session specific listeners and then act upon the more generic ones later.