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Recent posts by David McLure

Yes, the link(s) to the book on this page seem to be broken, but the link to chapter 1 works however. Interesting idea for a book - very timely for me as I have been reading about RabbitMQ recently and just installed it on OpenShift to use in a new type of application server I am cooking up. I look forward to reading more and asking questions soon. Thanks!
I was indeed at work. Once home and off of the VPN, things seem to work fine - so thanks! :

I am a little new to groovy and grails, but willing to try. The problem is, gvm doesn't seem to like Windows. Here is a glimpse into a frustrating adventure with gvm on Cygwin today:

$ spring --version
Spring CLI v1.1.8.RELEASE

$ curl -s get.gvmtool.net | bash

Thanks for using


Will now attempt installing...

Looking for a previous installation of GVM...
Looking for unzip...
Looking for curl...
bash: line 116: [: too many arguments
Looking for sed...
Installing gvm scripts...
Create distribution directories...
Create candidate directories...
Created for crash: /cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/crash
Created for gaiden: /cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/gaiden
Created for glide: /cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/glide
Created for gradle: /cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/gradle
Created for grails: /cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/grails
Created for griffon: /cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/griffon
Prime the config file...
Download script archive...
Extract script archive...
Cygwin detected - normalizing paths for unzip...
Install scripts...
Attempt update of bash profiles...
Attempt update of zsh profiles...

All done!

Please open a new terminal, or run the following in the existing one:

source "/cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/bin/gvm-init.sh"

Then issue the following command:

gvm help


$ gvm install groovy
-bash: gvm: command not found

$ source "/cygdrive/c/Users/McLDa001//.gvm/bin/gvm-init.sh"

$ gvm install groovy
GVM can't reach the internet so going offline. Re-enable online with:

$ gvm offline disable

==== BROADCAST =============================================

OFFLINE MODE ENABLED! Some functionality is now disabled.

This command is not available in offline mode.


$ gvm install grails
This command is not available in offline mode.

$ gvm offline disable
Online mode re-enabled!

$ gvm install grails
GVM can't reach the internet so going offline. Re-enable online with:

$ gvm offline disable

==== BROADCAST =============================================

OFFLINE MODE ENABLED! Some functionality is now disabled.

This command is not available in offline mode.
Hi Craig! Having read the earlier version(s) of your Spring In Action book and having met you before at a No Fluff / Just Stuff conference, I guess I can say that I am a fan of your work.

For some time now, I have been attempting to blend the deceivingly simple Mongo application tutorial, together with the CORS tutorial on Spring.io to create a REST service which can be accessed by an angular client running on another server and under a different domain name.

Here are links to the two tutorials:

CORS tutorial: http://spring.io/guides/gs/rest-service-cors/

MongoDB with REST http://spring.io/guides/gs/accessing-mongodb-data-rest/

...and here is a link to my [lack of] progress thusfar:


I seem to be stuck on a CORS-related authentication issue, as I can successfully access my service using the following curl command (where user = "myUser" and password= "myPassword" ):

curl http://myUser:myPassword@servername/restServiceUri

...but I seem to wind up on the login page when I try to use the same URL from my Angular Rest service call:

In my case, I am also attempting to use JHipster (http://jhipster.github.io/) for my Angular based client application.

There appear to be a wide variety of different blogs on the subject of trying to use Angular and Spring in general, and many of the issues seem to revolve around the different CSRF tokens used by Angular (X-XSRF-TOKEN), versus Spring (X-CSRF-TOKEN): https://github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster/issues/363

I also get the feeling that the CORS issue only scratches the surface, as in my case, I am also running into issues attempting to use Eclipse (STS in my case) for Node-centric projects such as JHipster to begin with - since, for example, Eclipse attempts [unsuccessfully] to validate the entire "node_modules" subdirectory in my Yomen built JHipster Maven project. I suppose I could simplify things a little by creating a simpler Angular client app to use in debugging this problem.

So where am I going with this reply? My goal here is to get your take on the proposed marriage of AngularJs and Spring in general and possibly also on the new Angular & Spring based JHipster initiative. I have read several books on Angular and it seems to be a relatively exciting framework, but frankly I am not having much happiness these days trying to deal with integrating the two technologies - at least not when REST and CORS is involved.

I know that you were also a proponent of Cujojs and so I am wondering whether maybe I am barking up the wrong tree in trying to use AngularJs in the first place? Assuming you are releasing a newer revision of your book, I am wondering whether your latest book revision touches on any of these topics? In either case, please feel free to pontificate on these subjects here as well. More specifically, do you know of any Cujojs client sample applications which do something similar to this? Thanks!
7 years ago
Oh, one more thing... the image you posted with the Kindle and the paperback links doesn't contain links, so I am posting the link to the book page here again for us Greenhorns that don't know to hunt around at the top of the coderanch website for this link:

10 years ago
Wow! I have a Kindle app on my Android, but I guess I didn't realize there was a Kindle app for the computer too! What a concept!
Checking it out now here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_ipad_mkt_lnd?docId=1000493771#
Thanks again!
10 years ago
Thanks for the link. I guess maybe now I may need to buy that Kindle after all..
10 years ago
So Brian,

Is there an ebook version of "C++ without Fear" available?

This becomes more important these days, now that Borders has gone out of business and I can't stand ordering and waiting for things to arrive in the mail.


10 years ago
I have to question this statement: "Visual Basic has long been the best fast prototyping tool."

I can't believe that this was ever really true, and especially today with all of the myriad of alternatives.

It's possible that this could be true in certain Microsoft centric shops, but I would think that this is increasingly the exception, rather than the rule.

Of course, this is bound to ignite a firestorm of religious zealotry, but I guess I am just trying to figure out why, after over 26 years in the software programming industry I have never ever seen Visual Basic used for anything other than one obscure little web plugin project used by someone at Data General, a project which was soon cancelled and replaced by Javascript.
10 years ago
Right, well I suppose I was being a little too optimistic to think that this book would solve world peace, but one can hope eh?

As to my current challenges, imagine being handed a C++ project where the code is so proprietary that it is nearly unrecognizable as C/C++, and to add to this, the code is heavily steeped in database SQL statements (also proprietary) which bind to a proprietary database on a proprietary server. OK, so what? Now imagine learning that the development IDE is basically vi (or a text editor). There is not even a command line debugger to speak of, and all of the development must be done on this remote server due to the data binding to the database!

So now imagine that you haven't really done much of anything with C/C++ in over 12 years, and the experience you had with C/C++ was that of a completely different proprietary vendor whose code implementation was also anything but standard.

Someone mentioned "long long int" - when I saw this, I thought it must be a typo or something! OK, so it sounds like I could at least use the book to learn what C/C++ is supposed to look like, as well as what strange things like "long long int" are - as I continue my nightmarish adventure.
10 years ago
How well might the C++ Without Fear book help me to deal with a project that uses a very proprietary (IBM) version of C/C++ in which the code is intertwined with DB2-specific SQL prepared statements (*.sqC files)?
10 years ago
Hello Brian!

I am a Java programmer who used to program in C/C++ in a former lifetime (over 12 years ago), but I am now being called on to deliver on this older skill set and I am experiencing brain freeze to some degree. As such, I am in the market for a book which can help me relearn some of the basics, as well as to properly learn some of the features which were added later, or which might have existed in one form but were possibly not available to me in the early days of non-standard C/C++ compilers.

Dave McLure
10 years ago
This looks like it could be a really awesome book - I can't wait to get myself a copy!

I am always looking for that extra chapter in most of the books out there on this subject - the one which really brings the subject back with some detailed examples of how Spring and Hibernate can be applied to the real world.

11 years ago
In case you don't have time to partake in the programming challenge right now, at least come take a really short - single page - survey on JavaPocket.net to help us figure out which Java Programming IDE best lends itself to learning Java Spring. Thanks!
12 years ago
Help promote your favorite Java Spring Programming IDE by taking part in the Java Spring Programming IDE Challenge which is taking place on JavaPocket.net.

The resulting contest entries will be used to help teach Java Spring Programming. See JavaPocket.net for more details.
12 years ago