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Recent posts by Nguyen Long

we have two Jboss server running on the same networkon Red Hat server, it default enable clustering between these, how can we isolate it ?.

Thanks you
15 years ago
Congrs, still not update your signature, huh ?
Dear Danda,


I deal woth this by apcking my app to an ear file, and above is a place where Jboss put tmp application file, you could copy and paste your changed jsp directly to that folder. (your application name will be tmpxxxxYOUR_APLLICATION_NAME.ear)
...besides, it's you passed SCBCD 1.3, it's wont be a big problem when learning SCBCD 5, but it's really a hard to learn EJB 1.2 from EJB 3 knowdlege, EJB 3 is much easier than EJB 2.x , anyway it's your choice finally
Dear Ranchers,

I've just received certification kit from Sun, so happy . I took the exam on 27 Aug. Thanks all, You guys help me a lots. I used Manning SCBCD Exam toolkit ( Paul Sanghera) + Mikalai Zaikin's Study Guide + and many free resources from JavaRanch SCBCD's link.

It took me 2 months to study and prepare. I spend two days per chapter using Manning book, then review it over and over.

I got experience by writing 2 small projects using CMP + stateless session bean, that the reason why I got some 100% on these field but only 25% on MDB . (I never write MDB, even an example).

Anyway, I had passed and now target is SCEA part 1 and may be SCWCD. Again thanks to Paul Sanghera, Mikalai Zaikin and all of you Ranchers.
well , I read another mock today and it answer that
component programing for bean provider
and domain knowledge for application developer.

Which one is true finally ?
I think you right, because ejbCreate may throw javax.ejb.CreateExeption and arbitrary application exception defined by bean provider.

Please correct me if I'm wrong .
Hi all,
I think

<env-entry> is provided by BEAN PROVIDER

<container-transaction> is provided by DEPLOYER

<ejb-link>,<role-link>,<security-identity> is provided by assembler

<assembler-descriptor> tag are provided by assembler.
of course I think Bean Provider need knowledge on domain too, but Bean Provider's responsibilities are to create class that implement bean's business method, definition of bean's home as well as component interfaces.So I chose component programming for bean provider and domain knowledge for application assembler. Now I think I got it.

Thanks Ranchers.
1 . Because get method corresponding to CMR field of bean will return a reference to local interface or a collection of the related bean. if you are using CMR, then you must have local interface. you can defined remote depedn on your need.

2. stateless can get reference to EJBObject in ejbRemove() and ejbCreate().

You can easily find the answer in Sun specification , 7.8.2, page 90.

domain knowledge : Bean Provider
component programming : Application assembler
run-time management : Deployer
system level service developer: EJB container provider
operational environment : System administrator

I really don't understand this answer. domain knowledge for bean provider and component programming for application assembler ?

Is that correct matching for these Expertises and Roles?

Thanks so much.
I did some search in this forum and I think this book + Sun Spec is enough for SCBCD exam, thanks for your reply.
Hi all
I'm reading Manning SCBCD Exam Study Kit instead of HF because it's hard to buy HF book in my country (Viet Nam), could someone give me a compare between these books ? thanks so much