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Recent posts by Sai Rao

Hello Ashwin,
Is this a local database? If not can you please try entering the DB URL instead of localhost in the connection parms, or the IP address of the database
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = <IP of the database>)(PORT = 1599))

Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbcracle:thin:@<IP/URL of database>:1599:TEST",USERNAME,PASSWORD);
Hello Raj, Have you checked if the table SBBillingAddress has a field labelled 'Memberid'? Or is it 'member_id'? Please verify the column name used - it seems to be the likely cause of the error you have posted.
An alternative to reinstalling RAD(that I consider a last resort brute force option) that worked for me (if it helps anyone else in a similar situation) was to revert the Software Update configuration in RAD - I used the following steps:
a> Navigate to Help->Software Updates->Installed Software tab , select the MAven install (if it appears ) and click Uninstall
b> Restart RAD when prompted
c>Navigate to Help->Software Updates, click 'Revert Configuration' button that appears on the right, select the target config date to revert to as the last known good config date prior to installing the Maven plugin

Now restart RAD and installthe Zest toolkit ( by the Maven plugin ( as described in previous posts

Hopefully it will save some time on the RAD reinstall for some.
5 years ago

Manfred Schürhoff wrote:Hi,

I was running into the same problem and found a solution. Check out this site: Here you can read:

If you are using RAD/RSA 7.5, install the "Graphical Editing Framework Zest Visualization Toolkit" under the most recent version of "GEF SDK" using the update site before you install m2eclipse.

After installing the GEF plugin, restart RAD, then install m2eclipse plugin (only select the Required component).

If you still get some errors ("No repository found.....") when installing the m2eclipse plugin, check your proxy settings (if any).
It may also help to restart RAD again or to remove and then add the m2eclipse URL ( again.

This did the trick for me.


Please note that the Zest toolkit appears to be no longer available at the link posted above, use instead to install this update

Sai Rao
5 years ago