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Recent posts by Gunjan Kumar


Any email id or contact number so that i can post my resume

11 years ago

Please let me know your mail id so that i can send my Resume for your reference.

12 years ago

I am trying "Spring in Action" chapter4 example

when i am trying to implements BeforeAdvice, it shows following error in eclipse

- The hierarchy of the type AudienceAdvice is inconsistent
- The type org.aopalliance.aop.Advice cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from
required .class files

I have included all libraries of spring-framework-3.0.3.RELEASE and asm-all-3.2.jar,commons-logging-1.1.1.jar.

Could anyone suggest me how to rectify this error in eclipse as i am not able to build.

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated

13 years ago
Has anyone worked on "Regenerate the PDF appearance stream and draw a highlighted box behind the text".
I have one pdf file and i know the X,Y cordinate and height and width of text to highlight.
I am using pdfbox utility.and i want to highlight the text with yellow color.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
14 years ago
Hi This Method thrwos Stackoverflow error as setColumnIdentifiers is calling setDataVector from its super class.


15 years ago

Can anyone have idea of how to Merge two cells in Jtable.
I tried so many code but nothing works
My requirement is to display Excel spreadsheet in JFrame,but merge cell doesnt appear in Jrame or Jtable
Could you please suggest me about workarround
15 years ago
what would be the regular expression for requirement like this.

Input string : <Value>abc<h</value>
Output: <Value>abc<lt;h</value>

i want to change all occurance of < but first and last.
I tried but not able to change only < other than first and last
16 years ago

This code works fine with one input but doesn't work for more than one input.
Scenario 1:Working
input:<Value>test for < syntax</value>
output:<Value>test for <lt; sysntax</value>

Scenario 2:not Working
input:<Value>test for < syntax</value><Value>test for < syntax</value>
output:<Value>test for <lt; syntax</value><Value>test for <lt; syntax</value>

but this is giving wrong result.
Any suggestion
16 years ago

I have tried like this but replacing the string back to original string is very tedious.

how do you use boundary to achieve this

Input:<A name="123<45" />
desired output:<A name="123<lt&45"/>

16 years ago

I have one String like this

<Ele name="gunjan<" unit="string" >
<Value>there #@!%$^&<*()(</Value>

I need one regular expression where i want to search for any word which starts with =" and ends with ". I have to take the word in between and do some replacement.

What would be the expression for this.
I tried this way but not working.



output :


i have done the replacement part,but not ablt to form the expression for search

Any help would be highly appreciated
16 years ago
Thanks for your reply
it works for me
16 years ago
Thanks for your reply

with a non-capturing zero-width negative lookahead for "test;"

What do you mean by non-capturing zero-width negative?
16 years ago
I have tried like this,but not able to achieve the desired output
i am not able to create a correct reg exp

16 years ago

I need one regular expression for this requirement.
I have to search for & character which is not coming before test;,in that case replace the & with &test;
input string "&abc&test;"
output string "&test;abc&test;"

input: "abc&test;"
output: "abc&test;"

input: "abc&g&test;"
output: "abc&test;g&test;"

please help me in writing the regular expression

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16 years ago
In general, an exception happens because some resource is not available or some other condition required for correct execution is not present

A checked exception must be caught somewhere in your code. If you invoke a method that throws a checked exception but you don't catch the checked exception somewhere, your code will not compile. That's why they're called checked exceptions; the compiler checks to make sure that they're handled or declared.

A runtimeException is not handled by compiler, it could come as a programming logic, like if you try to access array element, which index is greater than the size of array(ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception). So user has to handle this kind of exception by his/her logic.If not, the program will not execute at runtime.

One more thing checked exception is handled at compile time(when you try to compile your file for ex javac filename), but runtime exception will occur at runtime(when you execute your program for ex Java filename)