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Recent posts by sanjay sahu

This solution worked for me on Weblogic 9.2 with STRUTS 2...Thanks

If the value of this line is "true", the problem occurs. If the value is "false", the problem does not.

Joe Ess wrote:
I spent way too much time trying to figure out the difference between the example apps and my app. It pretty much boils down to one line in struts.xml:

If the value of this line is "true", the problem occurs. If the value is "false", the problem does not.
It's a pretty trivial change. Give it a try.

11 years ago
Paying for publishing...This is crap.
I have published it before for free.
Why doesnt sun have online verification method as BrainBench has !?
Yoo Hoooooooo I passed the upgrade exam

Well, I did not follow any thing specific for 5. Just brushed up what ever I had prepared for old SCEA and just skimmed about EJB3.0

Originally posted by Billy Tsai:
I think there is some mistake on the following page

where it states Prerequisites: Passed (CX-310-051/CX-310-300A,CX-310-052)
but isn't CX-310-052 the step 1 of the new SCEA 5?
shouldn't the that be CX-310-061?

Anyway I have successfully registered for Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, Java, EE 5 Upgrade Exam(CX-310-053) too, I know it is probably very similar to step 1 of the beta so does anyone know where I can gather the study materials or information on the preparation for this exams since a lot of people have attempted the beta and passed it.
Thank you

Now I understand why Paul had confusions. I did not take notice of prerequisite CX-310-052. Yes, it should have been the third part of old SCEA
[ February 02, 2008: Message edited by: sanjay sahu ]
Hi Paul,

If you look at the topics covered in the exam they are all similar whether it is Beta , upgrade or the SCEA 5.

It is the exma your are taking.

So if you want to get certificate for SCEA5.0 then complete part II and III for SCEA 5 BETA as you have completed Part I for the Beta.

Else complete the old version of SCEA and take the upgrade.
The details of the exam can be found at

Prerequisites: Passed (CX-310-051/CX-310-300A,CX-310-052) i.e. should have passsed previous version of SCEA.

If you will pass Parts II/III of the old exam then you will be certified for old SCEA. You can then take the upgrade exam.

Originally posted by Hafizur Rahman:

It costs $100.
Sun Catalog

Hmmm... Prometric charging $200 extra

Registered Successfully at prometric for SCEA Java, EE 5 Upgrade Exam exam number 310-053 !

I saw prometric have SCEA 5.0 already in their list of exams.
Also it has the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, Java, EE 5 Upgrade Exam with exam number 310-053 priced at $300 !

Originally posted by Pham Huy Anh:

I did part III on 8Aug, still no result until now. When I mail them, they said somethign wrong with the database and told me to stay with patience. Well, maybe I will ask them again at 8Nov.
Still don't know why some cases are so quick, so case a so slow like me and some other ( up to 4-6 months ).

while waiting for them.

Yeah.. Thats why my post