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Recent posts by sudeep mahapatra

"Stuck Thread Max Time" a configurable property in WLServer for performance tuning. Available at server/tuning.
Definition from weblogic is :
"The number of seconds that a thread must be continually working before this server considers the thread stuck."
Minimum value is 0 sec. Default value is 600 sec. Maximum value is 2147483647 sec.

If the execute thread takes more time than the StuckThreadMaxTime declared in weblogic server.
It will show StuckThreadMaxTime error.

Normaly i have seen this while processing sql query in application that is expected to have huge records as a result.
more on stuck thread can be found at ""
8 years ago
A BusinessDelegate is to delegate/pass the information to business layer (For e.g. to a Bean) not to contain business logic itself.
Usually BusinessDelegate passes the info to a SF(SessionFacade) where the actual business logic resides.
For Example:

SampleAction [Action class]
/** Business Delegate instance */
private SampleBD sampleBD = new SampleBD();
execute() [this method should contain code to call testPDFCreate()]
testPDFCreate() [Here you call the createPDF() present in SampleBD]

SampleBD [It should contain a method that calls the business method present in Bean]
public createPDF()
// create Bean (EJBObject) of SampleSFRemote
// call createPDF()
// catch RemoteException
SampleSFRemoteHome [This is the Home Interface having the create method to create an EJB object]
SampleSFRemote create() throws CreateException, RemoteException;
SampleSFRemote [This is a session bean containing the abstarct method createPDF()]
createPDF() throws RemoteException ;
public createPDF() {}[Give the method body here. The actual business logic.]

One Important thing to check how you are passing information. Normaly ValueObject is used.
These objects are Serializable.
Can you please check in your project code. I think there must be some DesignPattern being followed.
Just see how other business flow is working.
9 years ago
Struts Action classes are part of controller so they should not contain any business logic. A business delegate is used to delegate the business to business layer. In this manner we can separate the business logic from View and Controller.
More on MVC :
9 years ago
I'm getting this error in org.log file.
'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] ERROR org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor - Invalid path /modulename/search was requested.

Please help fixing this error. Thanks in advance...

9 years ago