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Recent posts by San Metro

I am sorry, - I am confused and lost bit..

I am getting file from remote as BufferedOutputStream using, FileName).

I do get


Before I do get, I have 2 options to set, get as - ascii / binary

ascii - there is an issue and new line is not working on notepad (\CR is expected by notepad and since its not in byte stream, data continues on same line.)

binary - I thought to set binary before get, but notepad shows binary data when I pass it to web layer.. so I am trying to understand my mistake, how can I get text file as binary.


6 years ago

I need to get (copy) text file from remote location... I can get it as ascii (byte []) using enterprisedt library , is there any way to get text file as binary?
any suggestions please?

I tried to get same file as binary but when I opens it it shows binary data in notepad.

thanks & regards..
6 years ago
thank you all for quick replies...

why we are using EJB - sorry it might look like excuse.....
this solution is implemented in approx. 2002 or bit later and currently using Java 5 / Websphere 6 which works good... (provide same output on Win/AIX),
I am participating to upgrade the Java 6 / Websphere 8;

I am trying to debug more on how EJB is getting the stream (byte [ ])..

thank you & regards..
6 years ago
Hello friends..

I am stuck in tricky situation and would appreciate if someone can give me some direction on following issue,

Working environment is -
JDK 6, Websphere 8

My EAR has an EJB, that EJB reads file content from remote system and provide the data as byte [ ]

In my local, using Websphere @ Windows platform, returned byte [ ] is different from Websphere on AIX platform

for new line on Windows I am getting - 13, 10
and on AIX I get - 10

ASCII Character Codes
10 \n (NL)
13 \r (CR)

in local (Windows) env. I can get file and that remains well formatted... but file downloaded using same EAR in dev (on AIX) file content keep continue to same line.

if I open same file with Notepad++, textpad or any other editor format of that file remains good.. but since Notepad is default editor I need to address the issue...

please let me know if you can give me some clue / direction...


6 years ago

Any idea what does this mean??? WSWS7223E: The module metadata was not available after injection meatdata was created.

thanks & regards.
6 years ago

I am deploying EAR which binds a client application,
if I build EAR with Java5 I can deploy it in WAS6
but if I build EAR with Java6 and try to deploy in WAS8; I a getting following error,
I would appreciate your help... WSWS7223E: The module metadata was not available after injection meatdata was created.

6 years ago
Same question, could you please share the study material used for EJB 3.0 certification.

Real Questions
Links | FAQ | Mock Exam | Wall of Fame

Above mentioned links are on top of question; try Links & Mock Exam; you will get huge collection.


Is there online link for any book for SCWCD 1.4.


As it is specified in the question that type of these products are going to be constant (40/60/80GB HDD). So, I would be having three sub type of HDD interface / abs. class as HDD40GB etc. and create the instances as per the user selection's product and its quantity.

I do not think that we need multiple sub type in this case; since it includes change in properties value only; and no funtional change.
e.g. if a car company has 10 colors for a specific car (model); it need not to have 10 sub types.

Is there anything(books) for EE5 EJB exam?

I have worked with session bean 2.0 but never worked with Entity bean;
I am planning to prepare for EJB exam 5.0; if I study EJB 5.0 material; and skip EJB 2.0 (Entity bean); would that effect?

Sounds like stupid question :roll: ?.

Well, Thanks.
Where can I get online study material for "Legacy Connectivity".