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Originally posted by Ben Souther:

Cache what when the server starts up?

Originally posted by Ben Souther:

Cache what when the server starts up?

I understood the problem is path of batch file.

If this is the case I would avoid to fill init paras of servlet as this is not servlets concern which operation system is being used,

I would make some separate property file containing paths to batch file like PATH_IN_UNIX,PATH_IN_WINDOWS and TYPE_OF_OPERATING_SYSTEM;and caching this property file in bootstrap process.

Also separate thread is also concern as William points out rightly.
12 years ago
why not to just cache it when application server is starting up and then use it?

let me know if i did not understand the basics here.
12 years ago
Well you can do something with the objects you have stored in the hashtable,if you can use custom serialization i.e. writing only those properties which are useful to you while not writing every field of that object to the object stream. or by implementing Externalizable??

i could understand, if I will have following information:

which application server you are using ,if any? are you using java message services queues?
from where you get this hashtable with file objects in it?

12 years ago
i think we should focus on what are the conditions for each concrete types to be formed.

for example, if client is remoteA i need factory to return concrete type with int or token otherwise.
Akhlesh Hi,

Use absract class:

1. when you are sure classes that supposed to extend the abstract class will always need to follow behaviour that you are providing.

2. you want users not to change this functionality in future in their derived classes.

for example, for car engines, you might want to make "BasicEngineFuntion" as a abstract class that defines following function :

1.CarborrettorSpark() {// make spark in carborretor when some condition is met}

If it is not clear let me know.
Sudha Hi,

you are most welcome as you seem to be only one intrested in asking questions, Please carry on this spirit. it makes other people to learn from it and hope every one will start asking question and giving feedbacks.

thanks ben for approving my membership.

Please post which topics you are currently preparing for SCJP and related stuff.

Ben I joined Yahoo group, Please let me be benefitted with this goup and try to contribute as well.

Thanks 'n regards,
Hi Sudha,

Please read Class Ball Example by M krishanana at
Final Objet cahnge by setter

ben Hi,

I also want to join group for SCJP but the proble is in my company yahoo groups are not allowed, What to do?

Regards to all in SCJP group.