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It sounds like much ado about nothing. No ones going to get sued by Sun especially if they earned the cert.
16 years ago
Over on amazon they have it for $33 and the JAVA first for $30. I think you get free shipping too.

I hope I didn't say EBAY earlier. I meant

oops. dont tell the amazon folks if I did.
Sadly if I had one day with the question set I could get 100% the next day too. If they are letting the questions get out then our certifications will be worthless. Actually mine will be worthwhile because I learned but all those who cheated will be worthless causing companies to ignore mine. They need to do a better job of protecting the questions if they are in fact getting out.

There are lots of stuff they could do. Every test is diferent, vary question order, vary answer order, vary questions, vary answers, word answers diferently, ... Do good job and the cheaters will not have motivation to steal cause it doesn't work so well. And people will not buy stolen tests.

But I use the tests as a learning tool rather than an end in itself. So they help me personally to learn and excell.
I didnt lose money. I just was gripeing cause they try to trick the customer into spending more than they need to for nothing. And it took 30 minutes for me to order the book cause of this. Plus I felt drained after I got upset at them.
Well done.
16 years ago
Okay, I broke down and bought the book. The one by Kathy everyone recommends. If it is as good as everyone says it MUST be the best around. I hope so. I look forward to reading it.

On EBAY I noted they tried to sell the exam questions too but never told me they would not be out till December. I should be way beyond the test by then. They offered a deal so I bit only to find out it would not be delivered until December. After I ordered. In my mind this is very similar to stealing from me altough technically it is not. EBAY also tried to get me to sign up for some extended plan that gets me free shiping always. They placed the button right next to the free shipping stuff I already had so it looked like I needed to click to get my free shipping. Then when the final screen showed up they had taken the free shipping off and charged me but when I clicked free shipping again it showed back up. That pay for free shipping was also there. I also agreed to get the EBAY credit card for a $30 credit on this purchase, only when it came time to give it to me they said they needed to wait for more research and would not give me the card or the discount. Then I get a note saying the c card would arrive in a few days.

I used to like EBAY but it seems taking advantage of their customers is the way they plan to make more money. I think the only way to deal with EBAY is to refuse to pay for anything else.

They should realize that people who buy Cathy's book are not that dum. I did get a good deal on the book price wise.
I would check out the test center too. I went into one here in Winchester VA and it was NOISY. They rented office space and the person in the next cubical kept getting real estate calls, another turned on her radio, and other people were having converstaions in the (their) offices. I asked the radio person to turn it off but she said this is my office.

I got a piece of scratch paper about 6 inches square and they said I could ask for more if I needed it. Didn't want me to use my own etc ... My test cubical was quite comfy except for the noise. Cool, well lite, except very noisy.
16 years ago
Without looking it up I think they meant an object reference variable that gets cast to another type then no longer is of the original type and to place an object of the original type back into it you need to do an explicit cast. This may not be the example they used in the book. Somehow JAVA forgets the original type .

I think they also said arrays remember their original type so this is not a problem for arrays.