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Recent posts by Abdul Mohsin

It looks you are redirecting the response to "login.jsf" but actual file is login.jsp , is it just the typo error in the post ?
12 years ago

Thanks Christian !!
12 years ago
Thanks everyone , very informative.
12 years ago

Thanks Guys , it really helped !!

Abdul Mohsin

Got it finally .. Thanks so much !

Abdul Mohsin

Thanks so much Ulf for quick response , can you also please point me to the URL for the same.

I have searched the following contents but not able to find those sample programs:
-- Java EE 5 tutorial samples
-- Sample present on https://jax-ws.dev.java.net/guide/Required_Software.html

Abdul Mohsin

Hi ,

Can anyone try creating "Web Service from WSDL" using the below WSDL , for me its giving error : "No service is specified in the WSDL"
however the service declaration looks fine.

Here is the WSDL content :

Thanks ,
Abdul Mohsin


I have a simple web service running on my glasfish:

I am calling the web service through the SAAJ API and able to call it successfully , now my question is if I attached a file with the SOAP request using AttachmentPart then how can my web service operation ( add operation ) is able to get that attachment or complete SOAP message in case if it wants to.

Also let me know if anyone has any sample example where client is sending SOAP with Attachment and webservice is consuming the attachment.

Abdul Mohsin

I am trying to run ant script from java code like this:
Launcher.main(new String[]{"-f","C:\\Projects\\ant_projects\\chap1\\Echo2.xml"});
System.out.println("*********** In End");

and able to successfully call the ant script but it looks that JVM is terminated after calling ant script as the logger "in End" is not printed in the console.

Is there any way to change this default behariour of ant to exit the JVM?

Please help.
15 years ago
Thanks Bill and Joanne for your help and also for pointing out my silly mistake.
16 years ago
Hi Joanne,

Can you please explain your approach further with code,
I tried your approach

// output 12960000000000 , refer the code posted earlier
but it didn't worked.
16 years ago
Hi zaxxon25 (Please make it realistic),

I suppose the third data of Department number is fixed so you can use class scope
hashtable which will be populated only once, for the other data you can create a bean ( inner class or outer if your project permits)

class EmpTempData{

public EmpTempData(Hashtable deptNumbers){
private String empName;
private ArrayList empDepartment;
containing "deptName" and "deptNumber" pair
private Hashtable deptNumbers;

//getter setter methods of empName,empDepartment and deptNumbers

// method to get department numbers corresponding to department name

public Hashtable getEmpDeptNameAndNumber(){
// implementation
16 years ago
Hi Bill,

Sorry for grammatical mistakes, your code is only checking for the equivalence of two dates and not doing any comparison, I need to compare and then perform some operation.

Currently I am implementing the logic as:

but I am not happy with this current implementation and want to improve it further.

Please suggest.
16 years ago

I want to compare two dates neglecting there timestamp, means if two dates point to same 11th Feb then they should be equals (date1.after(date2) and date1.before(date2) both should be false).

I want the better way of doing it , currently I am doing it as setting hour,minute,second,millisecond as 0 and AM to both of the times and then comparing it.

Please suggest if there is a better way of doing it.
16 years ago