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Recent posts by Suvi Pense

Hi Benjamin,
Many congratulations on your sucess!!!
I have cleared my SCJP, SCWCD exams. Can you suggest some good books you used to study for SCEA.
Also, any good links for mock exams etc.

Hi Folks,

Passed the SCWCD exam yesterday with 81%. I studied for 3 weeks and gave the test. I have prior experience in working with JSPs and Servlets but had not worked on Expression Language so I thought it will be good for me to take this test and learn something new.

"This forum was a great help" - right from starting to end I was reading through the posts, for books, notes as well as reading other people's experiences.

Study material:

1. SCWCD by Hanumanth Deshmukh and Jignesh Malvia- I think it is an excellent book and covers almost everything in a nutshell.
2. HFSJ - Its a great book with detailed explanation to each topic. Especially the EL and tag libary topics I went through well, and you can expect a lot of questions of these topics.
3.I did not read any spec as did not have so much time juggling between office and home.

Mock Exams:-
1. Take the free mock exams (there are many available on the net.) and you can get the links to them too -
2.I bought the Enthuware mock about a week and half ago and found there tests were helful.
3. HFSJ mock was tougher for me and I had scored less in it - around 52%. It is tougher compared to the original exam but helps you identify your strong and weak areas. You should give the test when you are absolutely ready with the preparation and aim to pass the HFSJ final mock to get good score on the exam.
4. I also found the mock exam on as a nice one. (

Last but not the least, go with a POSITIVE attitude and faith in God and you will do wonders!!
All the best to all the people who are appearing for the exam.

Best Luck!!

I cleared the exam yesterday with 81% and I think "enthuware" is really good set of mock exams. Though not equally tough as the original exam, but the questions are good. The real exam has lot more trickier Qs and you have to weigh each option carefully.
I have not tried Wizlabs, just their freeware.