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Recent posts by Karan Jeev

the exam is in production now.
By the way, I am unable to find Mikalai Zaikin's http://java.boot.by/scdjws5-guide/ in pdf format. Is anyone aware of its availability ?
Hi I came to know there is a survey before one takes up the exam asking you to rank yourself in each of the areas of exam objectives which also determines the toughness level of question. Is this true. If yes ..what is the best answer to those questions in survey..Can anybody answer this please..from his/her experience of the exam.
Hi can someone please help me know where I stand ?
I have exam next week and currently scoring in the range of 75% - 80% in whizlabs and marcus green mock tests.
Anyone with similar experience knows how much can I expect to get in the real exam scjp 1.4.
Any further advice on how to improve upon my score is well appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Henry sorry about that.I updated the profile. Will now some1 respond to my question please.. Basically i just want to know how do I check my progress. I mean if I get 70% in Whizlabs, does any one how would the real exam 1.4 score be out of his/her experience.??
Hi I read and solved Questions from Khalid book(for 2 weeks) Right now practicing with Whiz labs tests and consistently scoring 70%.
Does that mean, I can be sure that I can comfortably clear the SCJP1.4 exam.
I have programming exp. of 2 years.
I am not aiming for 100% but 90% would be good. But have just another 2 weeks to take the exam. Kindly advise.
Basically it would be great if some one could post some practical checkpoints with ref to something by which he/she can say that the person is sure of getting atleat x% or y% given the same level of toughness and mental state.