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Recent posts by Mudit Srivastava

amit attri wrote:Q1 The third party application is updating data using Hibernate only. I can even modify code in third party app.
Can both cahe (of third party and my app) synchronize their data ? If yes, How can I do that ?

You could configure your second level cache as "read - write". If the request is going via hibernate itself, the cache should synchronize the changes automatically.

Read-Write Details

However by relying on cached entities, you risk having an out-of-sync cache when an update happens in the database via a different request, so ensure all requests go via hibernate itself.

amit attri wrote:Q2 In case I use second level cache as you suggested.... I read about it that it makes very frequent invalidation. And also if data of one table is changed, then entire cache is refreshed. Is it true ?

force eh cache
6 years ago
I'm trying to write a hello world program using AOP. Here is my code so far...

When I'm running this code, I get the following exception.

Kindly help.
8 years ago
Hi Birla,

I started studying with SCJP for Java 6 Study Guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. The book has excellent examples and it's really helping me study for the exam.

good luck
8 years ago
thanks guys.. the problem was solved.
8 years ago
I have done the following to avoid the problem.

On the JSP

Action Class Input Method

Helper Class Method

That way the dateTimePicker shows the current date as the default date. If some other format is entered, the dateTimePicker replaces it with the current date automatically. If the date is removed, then in the validate() method I set the inputdob variable as null explicitly to not show NaN/NaN/NaN and add an action error.
8 years ago
thanks for your reply. But i'm unsure on how to look these parameters up. Can you guide me
8 years ago
Hi All,

I am trying to insert french characters into a table but when I select the messages from the table, the data is improper.

This is the description of the table

Following are the statements i executed on the SQL prompt.

Can any one tell me how to solve this problem.
8 years ago
Thanks for your reply Misha.

But I've already provided the validationQuery attribute (select 1 from dual).
8 years ago

I'm not sure whether this is the right forum for this post.

I have an application with struts+spring+hibernate running in cluster mode.

I have set up my database settings as follows.

When I restart the Oracle server, my application takes about 4-5 minutes, sometimes even more, to reconnect to the database. Can anyone suggest how to reduce this time.
8 years ago
you can give a drop down with a key-value pair, containing the Locale ID as the key and name of the language as the value. Upon selecting the language, the key can be passed back to the action class, which you can set in your session.
8 years ago
also it'll help if you could post your stack trace.
8 years ago
You could retrieve your message from the ResourceBundle directly.

after this you could slot your key into ActionMessage constructor.
8 years ago
or use the execAndWait interceptor if you don't mind having a wait page.
8 years ago
I don't think its possible to say what's the maximum number that can be set for this property. I've just seen sample definitions with 100/200 statements set as the max size.
Yeah I agree with David. For the code you've written, I don't see the need for the interceptor.
8 years ago