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Recent posts by Prabhagar Dhanasekaran

Hi Folks,

Finally got through with the SCEA - Part 1 exam and got an 98%.

It took me almost two months to prepare. I am relieved now . The exam was not difficult for me considering my experience and the area I have worked in my projects was helped to get this much score. Nonetheless, hard work paid off. Thanks to all the insight shared by all on this forum. It was helpful.

I used the following material:

1) JavaEETutorial
2) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for JavaEE Study Guide 2nd ed by Mark Cade & Simon Roberts
3) MZ's notes - Wonderful and very helpful for quick reference. Thank you personally for this excellent compilation.
4) Design Patterns, GoF & Core J2EE Patterns, 2nd ed.

5) Exam simulator available at the below site was very useful.

6) Java Beat Mocks
Please go through all the Mock exams at this site. They cover wide range of concepts.

7) Other useful links

Thank you all ranchers for helping me. Without this forum, I seriously wouldn't have passed.
Hi Folks,

Finally got through with the exam and got an 80%.

It took me one and half months to prepare.

I used the following material:

1. Mastering EJB 4th Edition � free download available.
2. Pro EJB3 Persistence API - A must for understanding persistence.
3. MZ's notes - Wonderful and very helpful for quick reference. Thank you personally for this excellent compilation.
4. Enthuware EJB5+ Questions - Even after reading the above listed materials, your concept will not be clear unless you do these questions.
5. The specification referred only while doing mocks. Enthuware team suggested to go thru some section in specs, which is very important. Without these sections you will not get thru the exam. It�s crucial.

My special thanks to Enthuware team. I found Enthuware to be much more difficult then the real exam. If you can do these mock tests easily, you can ace the real exam.
Thank you all ranchers for helping me. Without this forum, I seriously wouldn�t have passed.
The enthuware answer is option 1.

My doubt is why not Option 4.

Please correct me if I am wrong, my understanding is stateless & message driven beans can get TimerService interface reference using their EJBContext. If that is the case why option 4 is wrong.

Hi Folks,

I found this question from enthuware ejb+ scbcd 5. Could you guys please answer me for this question?

Which of the given options can be inserted at //1 in the code for a message bean given below, given that it is deployed without any deployment descriptor:

(Assume appropriate package and import statements.)
@MessageDriven(mappedName = "jms/backofficeQueueDestination", activationConfig = {
@ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "acknowledgeMode", propertyValue = "Auto-acknowledge"),
@ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Queue")
public class BackofficeMessageBean implements MessageListener {

MessageDrivenContext mctx;

public BackofficeMessageBean() {

public void onMessage(Message message) {
System.out.println("BackofficeMessageBean received message..."+message);

//1 Insert code here



1) System.out.println("rollback only = "+mctx.getRollbackOnly());
2) System.out.println("user transaction = "+mctx.getUserTransaction());
3) Object obj = mctx.getEJBHome();
4) TimerService ts = mctx.getTimerService();
Hi Jain,
Welcome to our Community!

First Question: 9
Your answer is absolutely right! The answer should be: A, C, E. you can free to refer the 10.5.4 The EntityContext interface topic from ejb-2_0-final release Specification.

Second Question: 13
Your answer is absolutely wrong! The HF given answer is right: A, C, D. still you can free to refer 10.8 Primary key and 10.8.2 Primary key that maps to multiple fields in the entity bean class topics from ejb-2_0-final release Specification.

D Prabhagar
SCJP5(73%), SCWCD(89%), SCBCD(In Progress...)
Congratulations Rahul!!
I've just started preparing for this exam too. Hope I will get good marks!

D Prabhagar
SCJP 1.5(73%)
SCWCD 1.4(89%)
SCBCD(Preparing...After office hrs)
15 years ago
Hi Jiafan,
Share your way of preparation and which material we can go for SCBCD5?

SCJP 73%
SCBCD (Planning to start..)
Hi All,
Congratulations. I�m also planning to give SCBCD but I confused which one I can give 2.0 or 3.0?. Please share some tips and guide to achieve high scores.

Thanks & Regards.
D Prabhagar
SCJP(73%)/SCWCD(89%)/SCBCD(Planning to start..)
Hi All,

I am very glad to inform you all that I have successfully cleared the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD) Today. I have scored 89% marks in the exam.

I am thankful to all the HFSJ team and the fellow ranchers.

My Special thanks to Marc Peabody. Your design patterns stuff is helped me a lot. I got 100% mark. So I am planning to enjoy with beer and invite you also!

Thanks and Regards,
D Prabhagar
SCJP 5.0 (73%)
SCWCD 1.4 (89%)
SCBCD 1.3 (Preparing...)
15 years ago