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Recent posts by CarlaL Thompson

Q.  Are there any known discounts for 2019???  

I'm preparing for the OCA 8 Exam (in the next 6 months) and could use either a discount or "Free second try in the event that I don't pass")!!!

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Oracle is offering 35% off these cert exams for the rest of the year using discount code JavaUpgrade35.

1Z0-805 - Java 7 upgrade
1Z0-810 - OCP 7 to OCP 8 upgrade
1Z0-813 - Java 6 or earlier to OCP 8 upgrade
1Z0-895 - EJB 6
1Z0-896 - JSF 6
1Z0-897 - Web Services 6
1Z0-898 - JPA 6
1Z0-899 - Web Component 6
1Z0-804 - OCP 7
1Z0-807 - OCEA 6 part 1
1Z0-809 - OCP 2
1Z0-865 - OCEA 6 part 2
1Z0-866 - OCEA 6 part 3
1Z0-867 - OCEA 6 retake

@Charles - I was hoping for an "Exam Only" (Two-for-one) Voucher! We're not quite ready for the OCA 11... and have been studying for almost a year for the OCA 8!  It's intimidating to face to exam and would like to think that we could pass in one try, but wouldn't mind some security at $245 a shot!

We can only hope to get lucky and find one of these gems!  ::: fingers crossed :::
Excellent, thank you!  
I see the Exam Prep Seminar Package: Java SE 8 Programmer I costs $617.00 USD and you get the seminar prep package plus the extra voucher if needed.
Q.  Is there any way to get a Voucher to take the OCA8 where if you are not able to pass the first time that you get a second chance?  
Or if you're able to pass, you are able to take the OCP with the second chance?

Has anyone called a WebService from a ColdFusion 5 Form?


Thank you.
12 years ago