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ShantiPrakash Jain

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Recent posts by ShantiPrakash Jain

Hi to all,
I am new member of this group and preparing for SCBCD exam.I came across some problem while reading chapter 6 from our own book Head First EJB.
Questions are:
Q.9 Which method(s) from the EntityContext interface can be invoked from within the ejbCreate method?
A. getEJBHome()
B. getEJBObject()
C. getCallerPrincipal()
D. getUserTransaction();
E. setRollbackOnly();
Answers given: A, B, C, E
Correct answers should be: A, C, E
From My point of view B can not be correct as EJBObject can not used because when client call create method on EJBHome there is no EJBObject reference for it.

Question no. 13
What is true about an CMP entity bean�s primary key?
A.The bean�s primary key class must provide a suitable implementation of the hashCode and equals methods.
B.When specifying the primary key in the deployment descriptor,only the field name must be declared
C.All fields in the primary key class must be declared public.
D.All fields used in the primary key must be container-managed field.
Answers given: A, C, D
Correct answers should be: A, D
C can not be correct from my point of view as fields in the primary class should be marked as private and primary class should have public accessor methods for persistence fields.