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my all time favourite , Nothing can beat this

12 years ago
I think , You have to specify which part of the result you are going to use.


You can not use like this because soundsLike is a Set. you have to use JOIN or IN statement.

one more, Real-time traffic information If you are daily traveling to city. You can choose the features depend on your needs.
12 years ago
Some other features to check..

1. Red & Speed camera alert
2. Which version of the map
TomTom Map
3. Nearest Petrol , Parking etc

If you are not experienced driver then It is better to buy with text to speech feature. It help me lot . I use NavMan.

12 years ago
Oops !!!, is this thread going to be a meaningful ?
12 years ago
I had same problem, I have to add that file to build path. after adding that file to build path. It worked fine.

Go to package explorer --> build --> Add to build path || Include


I have to add text or background image as "DRAFT" for report when it match certain condition.I have to dynamically enable or display birt report back ground text ?

I am looking forward to hear any ideas.

Thanks In Advance.
How can i wire-up org.springframework.transaction.interceptor.TransactionProxyFactoryBean and org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.HibernateInterceptor ?

I wired-up but it did not work as i expected. I will try and only give configuration details those that I think are significant ?

If you need any more information, let me know.Any input on this greatly appreciated ?
I have got following warning when the application start up.

I found encache code in following url ..

ConfigurationFactory Code

what i understood from above code.

It is trying to load ehcache.xml but could not find the file so then it loads ehcache-failsafe.xml.

I want to know does this cause any problem to application ?

Any input on this greatly appreciated.

13 years ago