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Hi all, thanks for reading. This question is about the use of Restful services when being used either by the front end (Angular) or API (someone tried to write their own code to use your services).

I am at the moment just learning; NOT building something. Therefore its not a question to provide code snippets or anything but just debate the Question parts below. I will then continue learning based on what you might recommend.

What I already know:
So I was reading about the best practices in terms of security (for any site which requires a state), you should always use a cookie and make use of the SessionID so that the Server knows its the same session of that same person etc...

Front End Example:
So in my front end (say using Angular, KO or whatever), I am using a browser which can store Cookies and I can make full use of the browser to keep some kind of state. This is by far clear enough from what I am reading

So if these services had to be used by another developer instead of by Angular, (and I believe I am really confused in this part) doesn't that force the developer to have a kind of browser implemented in his/her code?

Or perhaps say the developer using these services is going to use Java with Spring... which Spring module would you need to learn and know (apart from Core and Conext and MVC) in order to be able to connect to these services?

I was thinking that for login, one would have something like and once login is complete and the browser has a cookie with the sessionId and perhaps some other UID for more safety etc... the user can make something like to check out the user info. Thus the rest would send a json with the required details.

Question on Example
How would the developer using the /login and /user_details services go about that? I mean in code not using Angular

Thanks for your time
6 years ago
Hehe finally found the code! Was kinda expecting a jar file .. silly me!
I will check it out properly and will post my results!

Thanks all
I did manage to understand the Database Schema, and I also understood how the datafile is structured in terms of records, however the first line of the datafile just doesn't add up!

I know there must be a unique 4 bit number which they called a magic cookie but what's the rest?

Dear all,

Thanks for a great forum. I did SCJP 5.0 last year and now am interested in SCJD. I bought the voucher and was given the assignment. I started reading it and mid-way I found a problem with understanding some of the english. My assignment is of URLyBird and it was clearly written by more than one person as it is fairly easy to understand 90%, while impossible to understand the other 10%; namely "Data file format" and "Database Schema" sections.

The English just doesn't make sense! I just cannot proceed with the assignment until I understand how the datafile is formatted.

What I was going to do is just paste the 2 paragraphs in question and maybe someone can help me understand them, but first I want to ask, can I do this? Can I post from the assignment?

Thanks all and sorry for a silly thing but honestly I showed it to like 5 other people including 3 developer friends of mine, and its just too hard to understand these 2 silly paragraphs

Oh well thanks once again
Hi all,

I bought the voucher for scjp 1.5 over a year ago and it's expiry date is soon running out but I will make it in time. My question is this... Is my voucher number related to SCJP1.5 ?? or Can I simply apply with the voucher for SCJP1.6 ??

Thank you very much

Originally posted by Burkhard Hassel:
To make it short:

You HAVE to study chapter 10 as well for SCJP!


Thinking of doing it in 2 - 3 weeks... been studying full time for 3 months now.. Should be enough I hope.. Altough I don't get more then 60% in the book examples.

Thanks for now
Thanks for your reply.

The book is for SCJP 5 and by "YES" you mean I should only study upto chapter 9?? (hoping )

{[(Not that I intend NOT to make the SCJD, but I need motivation and by passing SCJP, I would have a great boost )]}
I was reading somwere and it said that this book is usefull for both SCJP and SCJD... I also read (forgot were) that Chapter 10 is for SCJD.. I would like to confirm somthing...

To Pass SCJP I study Chapter 1 - 9 and to pass SCJD I use Chapter 10?? (I know that I have to do a project as well for SCJD but do I use chapter 10 as aid for SCJD?

or did I miss somthing?

Thanks all

int i=0;