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Recent posts by anish joseph

I need to check if the user has entered a valid number in a cells A1:A10. In Excel i would choose the cells, and then create a custom validator, and set the formula to =isNumber("$A$1:$A10") Trying do this using POI is getting me all tied in knots: Here is what i have tried:
CellRangeAddressList addressList = new CellRangeAddressList(0, 10, 0, 0);
XSSFDataValidationHelper dvHelper = new XSSFDataValidationHelper(sheet);
DataValidationConstraint customConstraint = dvHelper.createCustomConstraint("isNumber(\"$A$0:$A$10\"");
XSSFDataValidation validation = (XSSFDataValidation)dvHelper.createValidation(customConstraint, addressList);

When i try and open this in Excel, i get an error, and Excel disables the validation

thanks in advance -anish
thanks tim. We have a situation where we are expecting heavy traffic on a specific day and since i had extra cores on the existing system (no extra systems) i figured i will try and scale by adding more tomcat instances and hope that we scale.
9 years ago
Does it make sense to have multiple instances of tomcat per physical server for scaling. For example I have an 8 core box with 4GB of mem - would it be better (performant) if i had 1 instance of tomcat with say 2 GB heap allocated or say 4 instances of tomcat with 512GB heap space allocated to each instance
Has someone done any benchmarking for this sort of configurations?

9 years ago
I am trying to export some data that has chinese characters to an excel file.
What i have done so far is this:

Now when the export happens the browser asks if the file needs to be opened/saved? If i open the file then i DONT see the chinese characters. However, if i save the file as somefile.txt and open this with excel (outside the browser) then Excel takes me thru a small wizard and the chines characters show up correctly.

Its clear that the characters are being correctly generated in the servlet and sent (since when i save the file and open it the correct strings are in there). Any help would be appreciated.

13 years ago