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Recent posts by Shouton Eulle

thanks MZ

If you have any plans to write a new study guide, please let us know.
Dear MZ

Am I allowed to translate your study guide into other languages,
and share it with people free?

ofcuz, not your quizs.
sun gave a moke test.

can anybody tell me how it is.

Sun ePractice exam

yes, UDDI is very important in the real exam.
i lost many points in this part, that's why i am still here.
if you don't take both, you will never know if they are same.
is there any information about SCEA upgrade exam?

I would take the new exam, if i had time.
however...seems take the upgrade exam will be fast.

I would like ask for information about the upgrade exam.
Anybody are also intrested in upgrade exam, please contact me.

But old versions of SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, etc. in exam objectives don't motivate

SOAP, WSDL, JAXB won't change too much.

they are the standant of whole industy now, they cannot change too much anymore like other JAVA/JEE technology.
even the new versions has been developed, few orginasation will follow them

it's not the reason of whatsoever technology, but the reason of politics.
How to change the WS-I, without agreement from so many companies in the world? I have no idea.
i got the reason,

thanks anyway
here is the question
Could anyone explain why the answer shoulb be 2)

Question No: 23 (Question ID: 2010) Catagory : SOAP


A SOAP Fault is a SOAP message that has a single child element of the soap:Body element, that element being a soap:Fault element. Which soap:Fault statement is correct based on WS-I Basic Profile 1.0a?


Select 1 correct option.

<soap:Fault xmlns:soap='' >
<soap:faultstring>Invalid message format</soap:faultstring>
<soap etail>
<m:msg xmlns:m=''>
There were lots of elements in the message that
I did not understand
</soap etail>


<soap:Fault xmlns:soap=''
xmlns='' >
<faultstring>Invalid message format</faultstring>
<m:msg xmlns:m=''>
There were lots of elements in the message that
I did not understand

many thanks

at first i thought d) option was wrong, because the default namespace was same as n1.
However, after chech the question again, i found the <x ...>'s scope has already finished.

hence, the a="1" dose not indicate the default namespase, it is a whatever.

am i right?
can anybody tell me how difficult is the real exam.

1) is it as difficult as MZ's quiz? (less or more)?
2) is it as difficult as Xyz-Ws quiz? (less or more)?
100%, that what people call magic, i guess.

a question.

Originally posted by Mohsin Hameed:

4) Then WSD guide by MZ.
5) Then i started to attemp quizes/tests available on internet, starting from XyzWS.
6) Then WSD quiz by MZ. Good Work MZ
7) And at last, i just tried Whizlab's trial version.

MZ's quiz is most important, isn't it?
and Whizlab... trial version is enough. sounds like that.
14 years ago

Grade: P
Score: 91

The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70.

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 37
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 42
Sequence/Collaboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

I would like to say thanks to this forum. Especially Frank, without your advice i couldn't get the score.

Although, Frank suggest us do not follow the ideas from this forum, and use YOUR own dicsion. I would still like to say, I really got brilliant ideas from this forum, and I followed the success stories.

Why not apply the proven solutions? learn it, then it is yours.


very much thanks for your help.