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I just switched to Eclipse. Does anybody know how to merge two files(Comparing the file and merge the diference) in Eclipse.
Quoted from Sun: Java Data Objects (JDO) is an API for transparent database access. The programmer can write code in the Java programming language that transparently accesses the underlying data store, without using database-specific code.
Check these sites for more information:
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Hi There,
Could anybody please suggest any possible objectives for this exam. What's the range of the knowledge we need to know?
Thans so much,
I don't have energy and time to go through three parts, either. I would like to read the book and build up my knowledge bases. Actually, lots of Java lover don't even have SCJP. But they are good indeed.

What DOES Ba Miao Zhu Zhang mean (I am an overseas born Cantonese!)?

It means helps shoots grow by pulling them upward, which teaches us excessive enthusiasm can spoil things.
For those of you interested in Chinese Idiom, check this link (English):

what I really get from those certifications.

Well, it depends what you want. If you a guru of J2EE and confident enough, you don't have to take any certification. Your working history record, your design and your code would tell your value.
However, for majority of us, we do need a recognization from authorities.
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Thanks Billy. I saw the "Thinker". :-)
This book lists a group of glossary for the key concepts at the end of the chapter. This may be helpful for those readers whose English is not there native language.
A colletion of J2EE case study:
Step into the J2EE architecture and process
Develop complete J2EE solutions with an eight-step cycle
The Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Platform is defined by four key pieces: the specification, the reference implementation, the compatibility test suite, and the BluePrints program. BluePrints describes the best practices and design guidelines for a distributed component architecture. This article introduces an eight-step J2EE development methodology based on the Rational Unified Process and the BluePrints sample application. By reading this article, you will better understand many important J2EE architecture topics, and be able to apply that knowledge to extend and modify this simple methodology to solve your special business problems.
A Java case study: The power of J2EE
How the Energy Information Administration secured a complete J2EE solution in less than five months
In "Step into the J2EE Architecture and Process," Jian Zhong introduced an eight-step cycle methodology for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development. Here, he and Betty Barlow of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), United States Department of Energy, present a real-world case study that uses that simple methodology to build an e- government solution for EIA. Discover how, in the agency's first J2EE effort, many benefits were gained by using J2EE; specifically, learn the advantages of the J2EE security model and how application security was accomplished. ________________________________________________________________________
Sun exec sees focus shifting to clients
What's next for Java: Consistently running Java on PCs, cell phones, and devices
Transaction and redelivery in JMS
Make the right transaction decision for your message delivery
The great debate: .Net vs. J2EE
Does one Web services platform dominate the other?
6) Would passing Part 1 be useful for finding employment?
Answer: It at least will give you more chance to get interviews. Whether they give your offer depend on if you could convince them that you know the game and that you could contribute to the team.
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Hi Joe,
Thanks for being here. Just wondering if there are any sample chapters available for this book?
Hi there,
I would appreciate it if anyone could share any your experiences about Legacy Connectivity. Any resources for this?